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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I need some statistics, please

I know you are about to leave for Germany, but I would like your last contribution to our blog be a poll. Could you please find some time during this summer to vote? Thanks a lot and enjoy your trip to Germany.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

An Indian Farewell

My dear students, the time has come to say goodbye. I have been your teacher for three years and I have to tell you that it has been apleasure for me. We have shared many things, and we have lived together moments of unforgetable memories. We went together to Italy, then to Germany and finally our trip to Canada as a result of the Orator. I have always tried to be up to date since you were very demanding, and be the kind of teacher you expected. I hope not to have disappointed you. I have enriched my life with all the experiences that we have enjoyed throughout these years. And as an Indian farewell says: until we meet again may the Great Spirit make sunrise in your heart, and may your moccasines make tracks of many snows yet to come.
All the best, your teacher of English and German.

Friday, June 08, 2007


This is the end of a long period that started sixteen years ago. In this stage have happened a lot of things, good and bad, but every time with our partners, the same partners. This will change the next year because each of us will take a different path in our live but I think that the good memories nobody will forget.
One of those good experiences has happened this year in the English class. Our blog has been the enter of the new technologies in class and in my opinion in one very near future all the subjects will use it.
Good holidays and good luck for everybody.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Most of us usually receive emails that inform about how to learn English with only 1000 words, how to have a graduate of ESO simply with a short course without moving of home and more things that we didn’t think that could exist.
In my case, I’ve never tried these experiences before because I thought that I learned quite a lot at school but I have discovered that we don’t have to close the doors of the wisdom and, for this reason, it’s required and essential to prove new experiences, for example, our Blog.
It has been a good way to learn more about a wide language like English, to participate in the same activity in group and, specially, to pay attention at the mistakes that we typically make.
In conclusion, I have learnt to have more freedom and facilities at the time of writing any composition.

Thanks and I’m really glad that we have shared this experience together.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tнιѕ ιѕ noт тнe end!™

Well, we have finished another period of our life, another step ahead in our progress. Now we have others objectives, we need to think from another point of view, more mature.

The last year was very complete: firstly we had to make a project with our friend Manel Dalmau about the "memòria històrica"; then we finished our "treball de recerca"; during all the year we are writing in two bloggs from English and Spanish class; we had to make a lot of jobs and homework and the most important, to pass "Bachillerato".

Was an exciting year. Thanks to all my class' friends for to be like they are and for all of our teachers how help us in order to pass Bachillerato.

I don't have anything more to say, only that all of you have a friend for all that you want, if you need something I will help you inside my possibilities.

And how I began this letter, this is not the end, it' just the beginning!!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007


If you fold a piece of paper down the middle doing it smaller, you will arrive in a moment in which you won’t be able to continue.
The other day, I found out that if you can fold 42 times the paper on itself, you would have an equal thickness to the distance between the Earth and the Moon.
If you want to prove it, try it and you will see that difficulty you will obtain to fold the piece of paper down the middle more than seven times. Luckily, you will arrive at eight or nein… but no more. Also, you can choose a big paper (A3…), but you will see!
If you use a thin paper, you will be able to fold it until seven times and, with difficulty, until eight but although it’s very thin, you won’t pass it more.
So, the result is a heavy paper and every time would be bigger if we could do it…
In conclusion, 42 folders would produce as a result a thickness of… 351.000 kilometres, almost equal of the distance of the Moon.
Numerically, if we fold the paper 42 times we would have two elevated in 42 layers or, the same, 4.398.046.511.104 layers. If every layer has a thickness of 0,8 tenth of millimetre, we obtain a thickness of 351.843,72 kilometres.
Incredible but true!!!

Mundial record: Britney Gallivan was able to fold a paper until 12 times.

Monday, May 14, 2007


We are finishing the year class and the first idea that appear in my mind are holidays. There are a lot of interesting places where you can spend fantastic days, therefore the decision which place we would like to visit can be very difficult: places where to practice sports, know about other cultures, get relax or looking for party.

One of the countries I would like to visit this summer would be Mexico. A country that has marvellous landscapes and a wonderful cultural offer.
First of all I would like to start visiting the ancient ruins from mayas as Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Tulum or Palenque. On the other hand, I would like to take the opportunity of get relax on the fabulous Caribbean beaches or practise snorkelling in Isla Mujeres.

In my opinion, Mexico is a perfect place where we can spend holidays due to it is a mix of culture, nature and adventure but at the same time you can get relax under the sun with the white sand.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Last days, every day is more frequently, we can find many types of music groups and stiles. Many people could think that one type is better than other, but in any case, there are a lot of types to choose.

Internet is one of the most important factors that influence in this topic. Since the technology has arrived in our homes, the music access is so much better. Nowadays, in a few minutes you can download a song or all the songs of a cd. On the other hand, Internet has also some inconvenient because people who work in the music’s world can’t earn too much money. One of the most important problems that singers have is the piracy.

From here, I want to incite everyone to buy an original cd and not a false cd; always against the piracy!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Can women ad men just be friend?

Can women and men just be friends? Yes, they can get on very well and so on, or no, they cannot, there is always something else. From my point of view, this is an interesting question. I have met several friend couples in my short life. Not only the typical classmates who are 16, but also job partners that are mature and find in their mates something new to talk.
Right now, I think we are not mapped out to misunderstand us. Between men and women, there are probably lots of differences. However, we have more similarities than we can imagine. Therefore, what is the matter in spending time on friendship? You can enrich yourself with other thoughts and it does not mean a disloyalty to your partner! So, why a relation between a man and a woman must be doubted?
As far as I am concerned, lots of couples have begun their relationship with a friendship, this is a fact. Yet, it is also a fact that we are used to trusting our feelings to someone else, a man or a woman, it does not matter. We choose our friends depending on the affinities we have together, the personality and so on. This selection implies time and effort; so, afterwards, why do we give relevancy on the fact that this person we have found is a man or a woman?
In conclusion, I do not agree with people who are afraid of women and men friendship. You can have a good friend while you have a partner in order not to look for something else, just to have some laughs or some help. Nevertheless, I agree with the point that not everybody looks like the same.


Barça was eliminated yesterday from the Coup of teh king by the Getafe. This would not be one notice outstanding, since the game of Barça this year is worse than that of the last year, but the one that if it is necessary to remark is in the way that they lost.In the match in the Camp Nou won 5-2, with a goal of Messi that gave the turn in the world, for this reason they had an adventage of three goals.In the second one match however lost 4-0, they did an horrible match, where the players of Barça only shooted one time in the goal of the Getafe.The Getafe is the first time that it arrives at the final., who they will play against Seville, that they won the Deportivo in the other semi-final.
Jaume Garcia

Thursday, May 10, 2007

the globalization

The globalization is a social change based on the increase of the connection between different societies. The globalization can be applied in many contexts for example to the culture, to the industry, to the economy... East term is in use often for saying to a series of trends that presents have been done especially from the second half of the 20th century because of the capitalist systems and the technological development. Some examples of these trends are:

- increase of the international trade.
- increase of the international flow of the capital.
- facilitated from communication to great distance, and development of a global system of telecommunications.
- increase of the cultural influences between countries.
- adoption of western ways of life in any part of the world.
- facilitated to travel and to do tourism
- increase of the migration, legal or illegal.
- development of a financial international system - increase of the economic power of the multinational companies.
- increase of the paper of commercial international organizations.

Since we can observe these facts provoked by the globalization they can contribute good things but also different of bad (Example: illegal immigration), for this not the whole world sees the globalization with good eyes. There are currents of opinion that are in favour of these changes, and they support that the whole long-term humanity favours the world trade, whereas there are others that support that the form that takes the current process of globalization is a source of injustice in the international area, and that he does not promote a sustainable utilization of the natural resources.

What about this?

Sports in our country

I think that Spain is a really good country with sports and it seems that this year will be a fantastic year of sports here.

First of all we know that in Valencia is celebrated the America’s Cup, this weekend it will be the grand prix of F1 in Montmeló and maybe the next year Valencia would have other prix of F1, an urban race.
The most important sport in our country, football also has got a lot of celebrations, for example next week it will be the final of the UEFA cup and two Spanish teams, Español and Sevilla are going to fight to win this important cup.
It’s important to have a lot of competitions because this is a very good way to win money and to have a lot of tourists that visit the country and maybe if this competitions are well organized in the future we would have other Olympic games.
It’s early to say this but I think that the country has a lot of facilities to have all type of competitions so I think we have to be profitable of this thing, also it has got a lot of important people in the world of sports like Fernando Alonso, some good football players like Carles Puyol, swimmers like David Meca, so we have to try it because if we work hard we can have a good future in the world of sports in our country.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gran Angular!

Gran Angular is a TV program from Television Española (TVE) that it is broadcast on Sunday at ten o'clock, more or less, in TV 2. In this TV documental you can see all types of reports and documentals where we can enjoy our social reality here in Catalonia.

In this program you can find stories of life, information, reflections... And it pretends to show the works from new people in this world, from new directors. It's an important and interesting opportunity.

And now we have this opportunity. The next Sunday, Gran Angular will show our project about "the Memory of the lost times" with a documental about our experiences and our work. They like our project and they are very impressed with our job. It's an excellent prize for all of us.

If you want more information you can visit the website of Gran Angular in the Net.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Federer vs Nadal

The next week a tenis match, different to the previous matches, will be celebrated in the Balearic islands, because half of the track will be of land and the other half will be of grass.

This fact is very important because the players who will participate in it are the two best players in the world, Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal.

The organization has taken into account of inviting the best players on these two surfaces, Rafa Nadal champion of the Roland Garros, which is played on land and Roger Federer who won Wimbledon, played on grass.

The tickets were sold in little more than 3 hours, which means that the stadium will be full.

For the time it is only a friendly match, but I believe that this initiative will have a good future and we will see an official tournament with the track divided in two parts soon.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Behind the Scenes of St George

All of the people know the Saint George's legend: Centuries ago in a prosperous kingdom there was a ferocious dragon that ate people... But, do you really know the true story?
In the medieval age, the saints were popular heroes. They were soldiers who fought in the Christians' battles. Also, they were friends of the God and their stories were appreciated by other people, so people were more interested on the lifes of the Saints in the wars than the conquests of the kings. The reason was that to follow a Saint's story was a special way to arrive at God. That's why, Saint George was recognized a Saint Soldier.
He was a roman soldier under Dioclesiano emperor. His anger in the battles made to win the position of Dioclesiano's advisor. Nevertheless, this emperor killed the Christians and George refused to do it. Finally, he went to the prison and Saint Santiago appeared. He said to George that he would be prisoner during seven years and just like a miracle, he would die three times, he would be revived but at the fourth time, he would die for ever. That happened and finally, the emperor gave him the freedom if he made a sacrifice. Saint George prayed and the God burned all the people included the Dioclesiano's wife. At the end of the story, the emperor ordered to cut the head of the Saint George and he never stood up because it was the fourth death.
In XIII Century, the dragons represented confusion, dark and disaster. The dragon is related with the snake of the Edén garden, messenger of the original sin.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Google vs Microsoft

Nowadays people relates the computers with Windows and Microsoft.
It's a fact that a lot of people uses Microsoft's programes, but why? they arn't free and sometimes there are the same programes on a free version.
The last news are about google. They have just started with free programs. Now Google have two free programns, one as the famous Microsoft Word and the oder as Microsoft Exel. This two aplications are completely free and you only need to have a computer with internet.
Althought they have only these two programes they are working to create the google "Power Point".
I think it will be a very big presure to Microsoft the fact that a famous site as Google creates free programes compeeting with their expensive ones. In adition Google have declared that they do it just for help people.

The legend of "Sant Jordi"

There was a monster ferocious and terrible, that was the damage of the persons and for all that region the terror reigned. The inhabitants thought of giving him every day a person who would serve as prey to him. All the neighbourhood decided then, to do every day a draw with all the inhabitants of the town and who was choosed by the luck would be given to the beast.One day, the luck decided that the daughter of the king was the selected. The princess was young, attractive, fine... a lot of citizens offered to substituting her, but the king was severe and, he said that her daughter would had to be sacrificed.But, ridden in a white horse, and with a golden and shiny armor, was the case that a young knight was presented to her. The maiden, all worried, told him to run away in a fast way because the monster would eat him. The knight told her not to fear, because he had gone expressly to fight against the beast. The knight with a good knock of lance killed it.The king wanted to marry his daughter with Sant Jordi, but he didn’t want because he said that he did not deserve her and that his visit in that town was because he had had a divine revelation about the need urgent of saving that town from the monster, and he disappeared mysteriously as he had come.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The Anzac day is celebrated in Australia and New Zeland the 25th April, it’s one of the most celebrated dates in the country.
Te Anzac day marks the anniversary of the participation of Australia in the First World War, it’s an important day because before then Australia was a strange country but with this participation they won a lot of honours.
In 1920 this date was established as a national day to commemorate all the Australians who died in this world war.
Now this is a very special day for Australians because doing this they remember the old times and they can talk and think about the war, also with this day all the citizens commemorate all the persons died in all the wars which Australia has participated.
An Australian rules football
match is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between traditional Australian football League rivals Collinwood Magpies and Essendom Bombers on Anzacday in celebration of the Anzac spirit.
In Tonga
, Samoa, Cook Islands and Niue, Anzac Day is also commemorated to honor their soldiers who participated in the campaign.
This day is especially important because all the people of the country can remember the problems of a war, for a lot of people this is their national day however it isn’t.
Other traditional thing is to read a poem for the fallen known as the “Ode of Remembrance”.
However we can think it’s an old celebration this day is celebrated around the world for all the Australians and it’s a very important date.

Espanyol - Werder Bremen

Tomorrow at nine o'clock approximately we'll be able to see an historical soccer match for the "pericos": Espanyol vs Werder Bremen.

It's the second time that we arrive at this level in this cup. The last time was in 1988 when we arrived at the final match but we lost it. We want that tomorrow we will win in order to play in Glasgow, the final versus Sevilla or Osasuna.

All of us want that all the Olimpic Stadium will be full for animating the soccer players and they can to win. It's a very difficult match but I believe in my team.
In conclusion, tomorrow will be an historical and the most important day for us, the "pericos" and we are sure that they will play well.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

St George's Day in England

On April 23rd is England’s national day. St. George’s Day is also celebrated there. So, let’s go to know something about it!
St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George’s emblem was adopted by Richard ‘The Lion Heart’ and brought to England in the 12th century. The king’s soldiers wore it on their tunics to avoid confusion in battle.
The real St George was a brave Roman soldier who protested against the Romans’ torture of Christians and died for his beliefs. The popularity of St George in England stems from the time of the early Crusades when it is said that the Normans saw him in a vision and were victorious.
One of the best-known stories about Saint George is his fight with a dragon. But it is highly unlikely that he ever fought a dragon, and even more unlikely that he ever actually visited England. Despite this, St George is known throughout the world as the dragon-slaying patron saint of England. In addition, Saint George is always depicted as a knight carrying a shield with a red cross, generally sitting upon a horse.
To end, I also want to explain you how they celebrate this day. By tradition, April 23rd is the day for a red rose in the button hole, the national flower. However, unlike other countries, England doesn’t celebrate it like Americans celebrate 4 July with fireworks. In fact, you are more likely to see big St Patrick parades in England celebrating Ireland’s National Day, more than you would see any sign of St Georges Day being celebrated. This was certainly true in Manchester in 2003, when St George’s Day was virtually ignore soon after the biggest St Patrick’s Day celebrations in the city’s history. As I read in an article, in England for post people St George’s day is just another ordinary day. Maybe that’s why they don’t have the same tradition as Catalans, where we give a rose or a book to our couple.


Hi everybody, I think you will have a good time watching this video. Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Your favourite tv character

Hi, everybody. Here you have the document to analyze your favourite tv character.


Piracy is a problem that has been growing years in the last and mainly affects the artistic field, concretely to the cinematographic and musical comedy.
The piracy consists of copying of illegal way all type of reproduction like for example films, cds of music...
Once the falsification has been made the reproductions are simply sold in markets or in the streets and usually to a low price which does not surpass the three Euros.
In my opinion, I believe that people must not buy this type of products since it repels of negative way in the work of many artists above all actresses, singers...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Important dates in April

Hi everybody, just a few lines to remind you that on 23rd April it is S. George's Day. I know you are busy organising the activities for that special date in our school, but I would like you to look for information about this day in England. Also, on 25th there is an important celebration in Australia and New Zealand. Which celebration am I talking about? The next entry for the blog could be on any of these two dates.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The importance of blogs

Nowadays the importance of the Internet on the society is very big, this level is so high that some surveys had shown that it can influence in our mind and make us change things they say.
One of the most important thing that make change mind of consumers are the blogs, a blog is like a website but it’s easier to create and all the people can say they’re opinion this make that more than the 41% of Spanish that read blogs say that they’ll change to buy a product if in a blog they say that it’s bad ore more expensive than other.
Nowadays in Spain there are more than 2 million of blogs, experts say that every five months the number of participants in blogs increase a 50%.
Blogs are for all the people a new way to express they’re opinion and that other people around the world can read this and can say the opinion about the topic, and example of this way to work is our English blog, there we write our compositions but also we can write our opinion of one topic and we can talk it with all the English partners.

In conclusion I think that blogs are a very good way to work and to go to the future so the best thing is to use them a lot and say our opinion about all the things we consider are good to talk about.

Hi everyone,

Here's a wee reply to the recording which you posted on our Blog.

Bye for now,

Sabrina Blanc

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Las month of Course

Now it is bringing near the end of the course, exactly there is only one month of classes. At this time, there are many people who had studied all the year and now, they also have to go on working and studying at the same rhythm. However, there are other people who didn’t do the same, they didn’t study too much and now they will have so many problems to pass all the exams. Besides, inside this same group we find people who had work a little bit and they had fail only one or two subject. In this group, where I consider that I am in it, teenagers decided to study so hard and pass all the exams. From my point of view, working hard the last two month is worthwhile; then you could have the stillness of passing the Bachillerato. In May, we will see what happen!

My Easter

This Easter very has been great and intense. The Saturday, 31 of March, we released documentary of “La memòria dels temps perduts”, that was everything a success. Each has been celebration gives, from Saturday 31 until Monday 9, that also was enough good, because we went to Vernedot to eat. Now already it is called on to us to put to us in serious, because in a month we finished second of Batxillerat, and we must be to maximum to approve it everything and I wish that all the class go the next year to study outside.


In the last decades the society has experienced a radical change due to the mass media appearance diverse.
Some of the used systems of communication but are the radio, the television, Internet...
At the moment thanks to these means, we enjoyed a good comunication with people of other countries and also a great facility to obtain data on several subjects.

It is important to say that these innovations also have their bad things since with as much new technology the old costums are has lost.
In order to conclude, I believe that the society would not have to deoend en mass media since every time but we are controlled.

Catalan vs. Spanish

Last Monday it was emitted a documentary named “Ciudadanos de segunda” on TeleMadrid. It was produced by El Mundo TV for the Madrid channel.

This documentary is about the situation of the Spanish in Catalonia. All the people from here know that the Catalans don’t persecute the Spanish people, who are the half part of the total population in Catalonia. But it’s just what is said on the film.

I think it’s a very bad thing for Catalonia what it’s said in the film, because foreign people may think it’s true. What Catalans have to do is to prove that it isn’t true. A lot of things are bilingual, as some newspapers. In fact I think that the language that is in danger is the Catalan, not the Spanish.

In conclusion I think that the documentary is only a political strategy against the Catalans and the Catalan government.

Biofuel solutions

It is one measure to cut emissions of greenhouse effect and to reduce gases like carbon dioxide (CO2). The aim is to reduce the impact of climate change, as well as Europe's dependence on fossil fuels. This is one of many technologies we can bring to reduce CO2 emissions and also our dependency on oil. Denmark is already a leader in green energy. Biofuel will offer an 85% cut in carbon emissions. Cars save about 120kg of carbon dioxide every year (from using the "bio" petrol). There are other costs, too. Large parts of Indonesian forest were being destroyed. The individual acts addressing climate change are very important, but is also important, that the politicians have to change the actually laws quickly because our world is dying.


Today at 20:45pm the Winterthur Barecelona play at Martin Carpena the third match with Unicaja the Malaga. The two teams are trying to go to the final four that are going to be celebrated soon in Greece. At the moment every team has a victory and this third match will decide the winner and the team who are going to go to Greece for trying to win the european competition. This night will be so exciting and we hope that the two teams will show us an espectacular match. There aren't any tickets for the match so the Martin Carpeta Arena are going to be full and there are going to be an imponent environment.

In conclusion I hope that the Barça will win the match but the most important thing is taht tonigth the players will show us an unforgivable match.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


TV3 has prepared a new program. With it, they want to help the owners of dogs that they can’t take care of these animals for a long time: gosSOS.

Sometimes, there are circumstances in the life that prevent to us having our pets with us or at home. And, often, there are people who don’t know what to do with them. It is excellent that the public television of our country promotes a program which helps to obtain adoptive people for these beasts.

But the best thing is that we don’t only obtain a precise aid for dogs in particular, in fact, we are contributing to conscience to the society that the animals aren’t things because they live a life and we have to respect them.

A society that has this type of programmes deserves applauses because it means a lot of things; we are worried about a subject that until now was pitiful!
The other day, surfing in the net I found the surprising news, not that it will seem to you, from my point of view, the friend him towards a joke since it is impossible that because you let practice single sex and eat vegetables you live thousand years, in addition is something impossible for a human person or for any specimen except some plants.


In China, a man abstained to have sex with his woman during last the 17 years because he wishes “to live for always”.

One is Chen Dong, a fiftyish one of the city of Chongqing, that changed its style of life after which a colleague assured to him that she could live thousand years if he became celibate and vegetarian.“He believed it completely, and from 1989 he has cooked for both only vegetarian subjects of gossip and let live with me in he himself dormitory ", explained its wife, Yu Hui. On the other hand, Dong affirmed: “Eaten simple they can clean my body, and a asexuada life can maintain my energy when it feels to me exhausted ".

By the sight, the man is convinced of which it is the secret of the eternal life and was a step advanced more: one divorced of its wife arguing who wishes a calm life, but has been forced to pay an indemnification to him of 10 thousand dollars.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Last Saturday took place the performing of our documentary ‘La Memòria dels Temps Perduts’. I know there are many articles that explain about it; however I don’t want to talk about their contents, but about how was the performing.

At four o’clock most of us were in the bar Astoret sharing nerves. Some of us drank something in order to calm our tension. There, we also wrote dedications to Manel’s album (a present that we did from him). At half past five, we went to the cinema to meet with everybody and Manel, too. Some minutes later, people began to arrive and soon the entire cinema was full. I remember my face turning back to last sittings and I saw people who were straight because they couldn’t sit anywhere; all was full.

Around the six o’clock the show began with a mayoralty’s speech. Then, a few words of two students representing all the group - Cristina and Escales-; they were great! Isn’t it?
Just then the film began and people could see our work. People enjoyed our project a lot; many people congratulated us. At the same time, some of us were moved for all the emotion that we were living. However, above all, I must say it was a perfect afternoon!

Furthermore, the party went on, all this don’t finish here. After the cinema we went to the Kastri and celebrated the success! In addition, we could enjoy listening to Saray’s voice singing her song –included in the project-.
Finally, we had dinner in the Restaurant ‘La Riba’ together. There, during the dinner, we receive a nice new: the Generalitat is going to give us some money (financed) to show our project in different cities.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Our special day!!!!!!!!!!

This is the last week in our project La Memòria dels Temps Perduts. We also have finished all the publicity around our town and now we only can to wait the Saturday's evening.

The next weekend we finish our job with a presentation in the cinema about our six jobs together. Even the television will be. Which nerves! But we need to be calm.

After the presentation, at night, we are going to go to dinner and to celebrate our success all together.

Certainly, without the help of Manel Dalmau, Jordi Foix and all persons who participated with us in this project, we had not been able to make all this.

Many thanks to all, included us.

Good luck!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Aggressive Advertising?

I think Xavi has written an interesting article about the Advertising Campaign carried out by Dolce&Gabana. I would like you to read it and give your opinion. It seems that the company has decided not to show any adverts in Spain, due to the reaction of women. What do you think?

Friday, March 16, 2007


History of blogger

Blogger is a weblog publishing system. It was launched by Pyra Labs in August 1999. In February 2003, Pyra Labs was acquired by Google who integrated to blogger the photo sharing utility Hello allowing the users to post photos to their blogs.

On May 9 of 2004, Blogger introduced a major redesign, adding features including CSS-compliant templates, individual archive pages for posts, comments, and posting by e-mail.

Finally As part of the Blogger redesign in 2006, all blogs associated with a user's Google Account are located on Google servers. The service is now claimed to be more reliable, due to the quality of the servers. several new features were introduced, including label organization, a drap-and.drop template editing interface, reading permissions (to create private blogs) and new Web feed options. Furthermore, blogs are updated dynamically, as opposed to rewriting HTNL files.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Queen "I want to break free"

Queen are an English rock band, formed in 1970 in London by Brian May, Freddie Mercury, and Roger Taylor, with John Deacon joining the following year. One of Britain's most successful band of the past.
Since 1973, they have released fifteen studio albums , five live albums, and eight compilation albums and have sold more than 300 million records worldwide.
Following Mercury's death and Deacon's retirement in the 1990s, May and Taylor are currently collaborating with Paul Rodgers under the name Queen + Paul Rodgers.
Their most famous song are We are the champions used in a lot of celebrations, We will rock you, I want to break free, etc.
Freddie Mercury and the opera's singer Montserrat Caballé were the creator of the song "Barcelona" used in the Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992.


These days, most of us are preparing "things" to impress people in our town. Everything what we do is publicity about our project: "Memòria d'un temps perdut" and every group are making a good work but I want to give you more information in order that people remain with an open mouth in front of our creations.
The publicity is a technique of the mix marketing whose fundamental objective is to create mark image, to remember, to inform and/or to persuade the public to maintain or to increase the sales of the goods or supplied services. The publicity arrives at its public through mass media.

There is a publicity's theory: attraction, interest, desire and action. According to this rule, they are the four basic steps in order to an advertising campaign achieves the success. First, it's necessary to call the attention, later, to catch the interest by the demand. Next, to wake up the acquisition desire and, finally, the result is the purchase or what we wanted to obtain (in our case that people go to watch the documental).

Here, I explain you strategies for the accomplishment of an effective publicity:
Sense of humor, share your feelings, use great music, images, people... Also, the message would have to take advantage at the moment and it is retained by the people when it is repetitive. And, after all, sincerity!!!

I hope that it will motivate you and, simultaneously, it will help you. Good Luck!


Sometimes we are not concerned about the illnesses and the consequences of them we can suffer in the future and we don’t realise that until it happens to you or a close friend or family. An example of these consequences is the euthanasia. The euthanasia refers to either ending the life of a suffering or terminally ill person or acting in such a way as to allow the person to die. This way of helping people to die has many opinions for and against.

One of the main arguments for euthanasia is that individuals should have the right to die with dignity or to end their own suffering, especially in cases of fatal illness. Another argument is that, not only allows terminally ill individuals and their families to avoid crippling medical bills, but possible financial ruin also. Furthermore, it would avoid both suffers, the ill individual and his family.

In contrast, there are also arguments and opinions against. First of all, there is the religious argue which says that life is a gift from God, and only God should have the right to take it away. Another one is the violation of doctor’s profession, the “Hippocratic Oath”. Moreover, some organizations against say that euthanasia is a way of killing a person and that should be penalised by some punishment.

As far as I am concerned, I want to believe that some day the government will reflect on the possibility of having a dignity die in case of fatal and terminally illnesses and finally it will legal euthanasia. To sump up, I just want to say that euthanasia should be a right or even a freedom for all serious and critical ill individuals, but always knowing all the consequences can be derived.

Milan offers 60 million for Ronny.

Last week Milan football club offered 60 million euros for acquire Ronaldinho in their team, but Ronny wants follow in Barcelona to 2010 when finish his contract. The only thing he wants is that Barça have to return to its initial project. He thinks that he can give a lot of happiness and win another Champions in Barcelona. The player has planned one new physic plan to return in his best stage in Barcelona.
Belletti and Sylvinho are totally sure that Ronny will continue with Barça to 2010.
I wish Ronny would continue in FCB to 2010 because he is the best player in the world and he is necessary to win new coups and leagues.

A fantastic making up

During the last month took place the 79th Annual Academy Awards Presentation, popularly known as the Oscars. There were so many categories but I’ll talk about only one: "achievement in makeup". It was won by two Catalans: David Martí and Montse Ribé, for the excellent work doing two monster making ups: “the Pan” (el Fauno) and “The pallid man” (el hombre palido), from the Guillermo del Toro’s film “The Pan’s Labyrinth” .

They are from Barcelona, where they have the workshop, the DDT Studio. There they have done zombies, fairies, spectrums and much more fantasy works. Now they are working for the next Guillermo del Toro’s film “Hellboy 2”, witch is about a supernatural creature that comes from the hell.

I think they had done a very good job with the making up, I specially like the Pan, I suppose they will continue doing this amazing projects with fantastic films.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The prohibition of advertisements

I will talk about and interesting thing that occurred one month ago in our country and now it’s very talked other time.
The company Dolce&Gabbana published an advertisement that brought a lot of problems because many women in Spain thought that it was a fact of male chauvinism, for this reason the “Instituto de la mujer” forbade the advertisement in Spain.
At first the company was very infuriated with Spain and they said that Spain wan an old country, but one week later this advertisement was forbidding in our countries so the company decided to retire it from around the world.
But now this thing is more talked in Spain because the company Dolce&Gabbana has retired all his advertisements in Spain, it seems like the company wants to punish the Spanish government so they retire all his advertisements.
The president of the association of users of the communication in Spain said that forbidding the advertisement was too much extreme but the decision has already been taken and now we have to accept the consequences.
I think the best thing to know if the advertisement is good or bad is to question people what they think so I propose you to say your opinion about this topic because I think it’s very interesting.
The next photo is one of the photos forbidden:

The Lords of the River

I want to explain, more or less, our project because tomorrow I'm going to talk about our trip to Canada.

Firstly, ours English' teachers, Chapela & Mercè, proposed this project how a class job with the possible prize of to go to Canada in the future. This work was about the Raiers and we had to find information about them in order to do a Web where was their history. We needed a lot of hours but finally we had success. We won the first prize and we went to Canada to finish our project.

The lords of the River was an excellent job.

And tomorrow I will continue with our trip and all that we did.

See you later!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


The delivery of the prizes of the Academy of the Arts and Cinematographic Sciences American that congregates to main stars of the cinema also reunites many curiosities, and this year has not been the exception:

  • In the categories of actors, 10 are name for the first time. The other 10 share a total of 49 nominations in several years. Three have an Oscar in house: Meryl Streep, Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett.
  • The nomination of Meryl Streep by “Weak The Wears Prada” is the fourteenth for the actress, surpassing its own record reached in 2002. Katharine Hepburn and Jack Nicholson is the other two name actors more, with 12 each one.
  • The Briton Kate Winslet is the youngest actress in receiving five nominations to her 31 years. The previous record had Olivia de Havilland, who to the 33 years received his fifth nomination in 1949.
  • Penélope Cruz and Rinko Kikuchi are name as Better Actress and Better Actress of Distribution by papers in foreign languages. Four interpreters gained an Oscar speaking a language different from the English: Sophia Loren (“Two Women”), Robert De Niro (“Padrino II”), Roberto Benigni (“the life is beautiful”), Benicio Of the Toro (“Traffic”).
  • Alexander González Iñárritu is first the Mexican in competing as Better Director and the fourth Hispano-American after the Argentinean-Brazilian Héctor Babenco (“the kiss of the woman spider”, 1985), the Brazilian Fernando Meirelles (“City of God”, 2003) and the Spanish Pedro Almodóvar (“He speaks with her”, 2000).
  • If the tape of Clint Eastwood spoken in Japanese “Letters from Iwo Jima” got to win like Better Film would be the first time that films in foreign language would take the trophy. The seven films recorded in foreign languages that were name in the past are: “Grand Illusion”, “Z”, “The Emigrants', “You raise and Whispers”, “The Postman”, “the life is beautiful” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragoon”.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ArE tHeY hAnDsOmE bEcAuSe ThEy ArE fAmOuS?

The present fame has a similar effect than the past fame; the things, facts and people become pretty and ideal.
This peculiar effect takes place with the famous: men who were absolutely normal and even ugly, they become sex-symbols and they start to be more attractive and desirable only because they are in this status.
In just a short time and with the help of the beautician, the people begin to know them for their romances with spectacular women. For example, Adrien Brodie, who is an actor with a lot of talent, had a relation with Elsa Pataky and he isn't a sex-symbol. Another evident case is Ronaldo. His fame and his money replace the beauty so Milene Rodrigues (the girl with whom had his son), Daniela Cicarelli and Raica Olivera were his girlfriends. Also, Mike Jagger, Willem Dafoe,... are examples of this situation.
The cause is the following one:
The people mix the talent that they show publicly, their personality and behaviour (the things that make to fall in love with them) with the beauty. Also, we don't know how to differentiate the actor in front of the character.
We like famous or the characters that they interpret? Do you think that the fame helps to be more attractive? Have you fallen in love with somebody only because he is famous?

(Here I put photos about the famous examples of the writting and their cartoons in order to emphasize their defects and to explain that they aren't really handsome)

Monday, March 05, 2007

the fever of Grease!

The famous film Grease was directed by Randal Kleiser in 1978 and reflexed de 50th century. Both protagonists have known themselves in summer when they were on holidays and they have fallen in love but the beginnung of the new school year has to separed them forever. But they don't know that they will be met in Rydell Hight School where Sucko studied and Sandy went because her father have to work in this village.

Now the Musical of Grease is in Barcelona in the Victoria's theatre and we're going to see it in the previous months.

If you enjoy this film I think you have to see the show.

Friday, March 02, 2007


On March 30, we will have premiere, the documentary La memoria dels temps perduts. Documentary this one, it treats on the historical memory. There is a whole of six shorts of approximately five minutes each one. The different shorts call: Quan Gilda es va treure el guant, Disset anys en aquest món de déu, Triangle imperfecte, Tardes de Café, La última fotografia and El laberint dels desapareguts.
All these shorts are very interesting, and I think that documentary this one will go out very well and the people will like very much.
From this one week, already it will be possible see the advertising of the different shorts for all the town.

Chapela we wait you the day of the premiere!!

Fashion styles

There are a lot of different fashion styles and nowadays it's a big topic in our society. So, I am going to talk about this now.

First of all, I must say people shouldn’t always be like other people. I think all people can be and can get dress which they want. I’ve said this because there are people who criticize and don’t respect them. However, I agree with people who want to show his or her opinion. For instance, I hate piercing and tattoos, although I don’t judge people who wear one.

From my point of view I think every type of fashion, every own style have to be respected. You can say for example that this shirt is so smart; other can think that it is too formal; other can think that it’s too original…
In a nutshell, everybody can wear which they want and everyone has to respect all styles.

El laberinto del fauno

I’m going to write about a film that now is appearing in all the TV programmes because it had won three Oscars. This film is “El laberinto del fauno”, produced by Guillermo del Toro.

This film is set in the year 1944, it explains a travel in which Ofelia, a thirteen year-old teen travels with her mother to a small town, in that site there is a man whose name is Vidal and he is a captain of the Franco’s army, Ofelia’s mother falls in love with that captain who has the job to kill all the republicans in that zone.
One they Ofelia find a labyrinth with a strange creature called Fauno that says Ofelia that she is the queen of those creatures, to be the queen she has to pass three tests before the full moon, the history will continue mixing historical events and lots of fantasy.

I think it is a very interesting film because it mixes a good fantasy and the Spanish civil war, also in the film appear lots of famous actors and the most special is Ofelia, the protagonist which in the real live is a Catalan thirteen old girl called Ivana Baquero and she did a fascinating actuation on that film.
I don’t want to explain a lot, I think that the best think is to see the film and then we will comment it.


The internet is a new thing that many people of our country don’t know. The internet can help you to find a lot of information, but you have to be careful because the internet can dangerous.

The advantages of the internet are for example, that if you need information for holidays, the internet will search for this information, and you will know this information very fast and in your house. Furthermore, you also can download music or videos free. Another advantage is that if you have a domestic problem, in the internet has also disadvantages, for example, you have to be carful because a virus can damage your computer, and the worst of the internet for me is that you can be an addictive person.

Finally, I think that internet is a good if you do a moderate use of his services

Thursday, March 01, 2007

All-star 2007

The NBA All-Star weekend is a success in the middle of the NBA competition where the most valuable players of the league demonstrate their talent. This weekend is celebrated every February and this year took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

(picture of Las Vegas)

The NBA All-Star weekend is an event celebrated specially for the fans of the basketball and of the NBA. Across the weekend people can stay with their idols and admire their abilities inside the court and their humanity outside the court.

In the event are celebrated different types of spectacular games:
(Some of the games of the All-Star weekend)


Rookie challenge: Is a match between the rookies, first year players, and sophomores, second year players of the league.


Slam Dunk contest: You can see the most spectacular dunks of the specialist of the league in this game.

Three-Point shootout: The specialist of the tree points shoot demonstrated their abilities.

Skills challenge: Is an ability game.

Shooting stars: A game where a player of the NBA, a player of the WNBA (woman NBA) and a legend of the NBA try to score some shoots on different positions.


All-Star Game: The most important game of the weekend, the match between the Star players of the East and the Star players of the West.

(Some photos of these games)

The next year the All-Star weekend are going to be celebrated in New Orleans. If you like basketball or if you simply like watching spectacular events try to go there because you will pass fantastic moments!


Yesterday in the Betis-Sevilla match we could see an shocking image, when a bottle of water crashed against the Sevilla's coach.

It was produced when Sevilla scored a goal, and supporters of Betis started to throw a lot of objects into the ground.

Juande Ramos, the Sevilla's coach, stayed unconscious a little time, because doctors of two team helped him.

This situation had been produced because two presidents of these team all the week before had insulted the other team and the most important had happened when the president of Betis had banned the presence of Sevilla's president. And the president of Sevilla finally went to see this match.

It isn't normally because is obligatory that the two presidents can stay in the match.

In my opinion I think that these situation is very dangerous for the spectacle of football and from my point of view Betis must be penalize.