Thursday, March 01, 2007

All-star 2007

The NBA All-Star weekend is a success in the middle of the NBA competition where the most valuable players of the league demonstrate their talent. This weekend is celebrated every February and this year took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

(picture of Las Vegas)

The NBA All-Star weekend is an event celebrated specially for the fans of the basketball and of the NBA. Across the weekend people can stay with their idols and admire their abilities inside the court and their humanity outside the court.

In the event are celebrated different types of spectacular games:
(Some of the games of the All-Star weekend)


Rookie challenge: Is a match between the rookies, first year players, and sophomores, second year players of the league.


Slam Dunk contest: You can see the most spectacular dunks of the specialist of the league in this game.

Three-Point shootout: The specialist of the tree points shoot demonstrated their abilities.

Skills challenge: Is an ability game.

Shooting stars: A game where a player of the NBA, a player of the WNBA (woman NBA) and a legend of the NBA try to score some shoots on different positions.


All-Star Game: The most important game of the weekend, the match between the Star players of the East and the Star players of the West.

(Some photos of these games)

The next year the All-Star weekend are going to be celebrated in New Orleans. If you like basketball or if you simply like watching spectacular events try to go there because you will pass fantastic moments!

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Barry said...

Hi Eloi, you can't deny you like basket! Those photos look spectacular. It is a pity our Pau Gasol is not playing there.