Thursday, April 26, 2007

Google vs Microsoft

Nowadays people relates the computers with Windows and Microsoft.
It's a fact that a lot of people uses Microsoft's programes, but why? they arn't free and sometimes there are the same programes on a free version.
The last news are about google. They have just started with free programs. Now Google have two free programns, one as the famous Microsoft Word and the oder as Microsoft Exel. This two aplications are completely free and you only need to have a computer with internet.
Althought they have only these two programes they are working to create the google "Power Point".
I think it will be a very big presure to Microsoft the fact that a famous site as Google creates free programes compeeting with their expensive ones. In adition Google have declared that they do it just for help people.

The legend of "Sant Jordi"

There was a monster ferocious and terrible, that was the damage of the persons and for all that region the terror reigned. The inhabitants thought of giving him every day a person who would serve as prey to him. All the neighbourhood decided then, to do every day a draw with all the inhabitants of the town and who was choosed by the luck would be given to the beast.One day, the luck decided that the daughter of the king was the selected. The princess was young, attractive, fine... a lot of citizens offered to substituting her, but the king was severe and, he said that her daughter would had to be sacrificed.But, ridden in a white horse, and with a golden and shiny armor, was the case that a young knight was presented to her. The maiden, all worried, told him to run away in a fast way because the monster would eat him. The knight told her not to fear, because he had gone expressly to fight against the beast. The knight with a good knock of lance killed it.The king wanted to marry his daughter with Sant Jordi, but he didn’t want because he said that he did not deserve her and that his visit in that town was because he had had a divine revelation about the need urgent of saving that town from the monster, and he disappeared mysteriously as he had come.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The Anzac day is celebrated in Australia and New Zeland the 25th April, it’s one of the most celebrated dates in the country.
Te Anzac day marks the anniversary of the participation of Australia in the First World War, it’s an important day because before then Australia was a strange country but with this participation they won a lot of honours.
In 1920 this date was established as a national day to commemorate all the Australians who died in this world war.
Now this is a very special day for Australians because doing this they remember the old times and they can talk and think about the war, also with this day all the citizens commemorate all the persons died in all the wars which Australia has participated.
An Australian rules football
match is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between traditional Australian football League rivals Collinwood Magpies and Essendom Bombers on Anzacday in celebration of the Anzac spirit.
In Tonga
, Samoa, Cook Islands and Niue, Anzac Day is also commemorated to honor their soldiers who participated in the campaign.
This day is especially important because all the people of the country can remember the problems of a war, for a lot of people this is their national day however it isn’t.
Other traditional thing is to read a poem for the fallen known as the “Ode of Remembrance”.
However we can think it’s an old celebration this day is celebrated around the world for all the Australians and it’s a very important date.

Espanyol - Werder Bremen

Tomorrow at nine o'clock approximately we'll be able to see an historical soccer match for the "pericos": Espanyol vs Werder Bremen.

It's the second time that we arrive at this level in this cup. The last time was in 1988 when we arrived at the final match but we lost it. We want that tomorrow we will win in order to play in Glasgow, the final versus Sevilla or Osasuna.

All of us want that all the Olimpic Stadium will be full for animating the soccer players and they can to win. It's a very difficult match but I believe in my team.
In conclusion, tomorrow will be an historical and the most important day for us, the "pericos" and we are sure that they will play well.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

St George's Day in England

On April 23rd is England’s national day. St. George’s Day is also celebrated there. So, let’s go to know something about it!
St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George’s emblem was adopted by Richard ‘The Lion Heart’ and brought to England in the 12th century. The king’s soldiers wore it on their tunics to avoid confusion in battle.
The real St George was a brave Roman soldier who protested against the Romans’ torture of Christians and died for his beliefs. The popularity of St George in England stems from the time of the early Crusades when it is said that the Normans saw him in a vision and were victorious.
One of the best-known stories about Saint George is his fight with a dragon. But it is highly unlikely that he ever fought a dragon, and even more unlikely that he ever actually visited England. Despite this, St George is known throughout the world as the dragon-slaying patron saint of England. In addition, Saint George is always depicted as a knight carrying a shield with a red cross, generally sitting upon a horse.
To end, I also want to explain you how they celebrate this day. By tradition, April 23rd is the day for a red rose in the button hole, the national flower. However, unlike other countries, England doesn’t celebrate it like Americans celebrate 4 July with fireworks. In fact, you are more likely to see big St Patrick parades in England celebrating Ireland’s National Day, more than you would see any sign of St Georges Day being celebrated. This was certainly true in Manchester in 2003, when St George’s Day was virtually ignore soon after the biggest St Patrick’s Day celebrations in the city’s history. As I read in an article, in England for post people St George’s day is just another ordinary day. Maybe that’s why they don’t have the same tradition as Catalans, where we give a rose or a book to our couple.


Hi everybody, I think you will have a good time watching this video. Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Your favourite tv character

Hi, everybody. Here you have the document to analyze your favourite tv character.


Piracy is a problem that has been growing years in the last and mainly affects the artistic field, concretely to the cinematographic and musical comedy.
The piracy consists of copying of illegal way all type of reproduction like for example films, cds of music...
Once the falsification has been made the reproductions are simply sold in markets or in the streets and usually to a low price which does not surpass the three Euros.
In my opinion, I believe that people must not buy this type of products since it repels of negative way in the work of many artists above all actresses, singers...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Important dates in April

Hi everybody, just a few lines to remind you that on 23rd April it is S. George's Day. I know you are busy organising the activities for that special date in our school, but I would like you to look for information about this day in England. Also, on 25th there is an important celebration in Australia and New Zealand. Which celebration am I talking about? The next entry for the blog could be on any of these two dates.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The importance of blogs

Nowadays the importance of the Internet on the society is very big, this level is so high that some surveys had shown that it can influence in our mind and make us change things they say.
One of the most important thing that make change mind of consumers are the blogs, a blog is like a website but it’s easier to create and all the people can say they’re opinion this make that more than the 41% of Spanish that read blogs say that they’ll change to buy a product if in a blog they say that it’s bad ore more expensive than other.
Nowadays in Spain there are more than 2 million of blogs, experts say that every five months the number of participants in blogs increase a 50%.
Blogs are for all the people a new way to express they’re opinion and that other people around the world can read this and can say the opinion about the topic, and example of this way to work is our English blog, there we write our compositions but also we can write our opinion of one topic and we can talk it with all the English partners.

In conclusion I think that blogs are a very good way to work and to go to the future so the best thing is to use them a lot and say our opinion about all the things we consider are good to talk about.

Hi everyone,

Here's a wee reply to the recording which you posted on our Blog.

Bye for now,

Sabrina Blanc

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Las month of Course

Now it is bringing near the end of the course, exactly there is only one month of classes. At this time, there are many people who had studied all the year and now, they also have to go on working and studying at the same rhythm. However, there are other people who didn’t do the same, they didn’t study too much and now they will have so many problems to pass all the exams. Besides, inside this same group we find people who had work a little bit and they had fail only one or two subject. In this group, where I consider that I am in it, teenagers decided to study so hard and pass all the exams. From my point of view, working hard the last two month is worthwhile; then you could have the stillness of passing the Bachillerato. In May, we will see what happen!

My Easter

This Easter very has been great and intense. The Saturday, 31 of March, we released documentary of “La memòria dels temps perduts”, that was everything a success. Each has been celebration gives, from Saturday 31 until Monday 9, that also was enough good, because we went to Vernedot to eat. Now already it is called on to us to put to us in serious, because in a month we finished second of Batxillerat, and we must be to maximum to approve it everything and I wish that all the class go the next year to study outside.


In the last decades the society has experienced a radical change due to the mass media appearance diverse.
Some of the used systems of communication but are the radio, the television, Internet...
At the moment thanks to these means, we enjoyed a good comunication with people of other countries and also a great facility to obtain data on several subjects.

It is important to say that these innovations also have their bad things since with as much new technology the old costums are has lost.
In order to conclude, I believe that the society would not have to deoend en mass media since every time but we are controlled.

Catalan vs. Spanish

Last Monday it was emitted a documentary named “Ciudadanos de segunda” on TeleMadrid. It was produced by El Mundo TV for the Madrid channel.

This documentary is about the situation of the Spanish in Catalonia. All the people from here know that the Catalans don’t persecute the Spanish people, who are the half part of the total population in Catalonia. But it’s just what is said on the film.

I think it’s a very bad thing for Catalonia what it’s said in the film, because foreign people may think it’s true. What Catalans have to do is to prove that it isn’t true. A lot of things are bilingual, as some newspapers. In fact I think that the language that is in danger is the Catalan, not the Spanish.

In conclusion I think that the documentary is only a political strategy against the Catalans and the Catalan government.

Biofuel solutions

It is one measure to cut emissions of greenhouse effect and to reduce gases like carbon dioxide (CO2). The aim is to reduce the impact of climate change, as well as Europe's dependence on fossil fuels. This is one of many technologies we can bring to reduce CO2 emissions and also our dependency on oil. Denmark is already a leader in green energy. Biofuel will offer an 85% cut in carbon emissions. Cars save about 120kg of carbon dioxide every year (from using the "bio" petrol). There are other costs, too. Large parts of Indonesian forest were being destroyed. The individual acts addressing climate change are very important, but is also important, that the politicians have to change the actually laws quickly because our world is dying.


Today at 20:45pm the Winterthur Barecelona play at Martin Carpena the third match with Unicaja the Malaga. The two teams are trying to go to the final four that are going to be celebrated soon in Greece. At the moment every team has a victory and this third match will decide the winner and the team who are going to go to Greece for trying to win the european competition. This night will be so exciting and we hope that the two teams will show us an espectacular match. There aren't any tickets for the match so the Martin Carpeta Arena are going to be full and there are going to be an imponent environment.

In conclusion I hope that the Barça will win the match but the most important thing is taht tonigth the players will show us an unforgivable match.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


TV3 has prepared a new program. With it, they want to help the owners of dogs that they can’t take care of these animals for a long time: gosSOS.

Sometimes, there are circumstances in the life that prevent to us having our pets with us or at home. And, often, there are people who don’t know what to do with them. It is excellent that the public television of our country promotes a program which helps to obtain adoptive people for these beasts.

But the best thing is that we don’t only obtain a precise aid for dogs in particular, in fact, we are contributing to conscience to the society that the animals aren’t things because they live a life and we have to respect them.

A society that has this type of programmes deserves applauses because it means a lot of things; we are worried about a subject that until now was pitiful!
The other day, surfing in the net I found the surprising news, not that it will seem to you, from my point of view, the friend him towards a joke since it is impossible that because you let practice single sex and eat vegetables you live thousand years, in addition is something impossible for a human person or for any specimen except some plants.


In China, a man abstained to have sex with his woman during last the 17 years because he wishes “to live for always”.

One is Chen Dong, a fiftyish one of the city of Chongqing, that changed its style of life after which a colleague assured to him that she could live thousand years if he became celibate and vegetarian.“He believed it completely, and from 1989 he has cooked for both only vegetarian subjects of gossip and let live with me in he himself dormitory ", explained its wife, Yu Hui. On the other hand, Dong affirmed: “Eaten simple they can clean my body, and a asexuada life can maintain my energy when it feels to me exhausted ".

By the sight, the man is convinced of which it is the secret of the eternal life and was a step advanced more: one divorced of its wife arguing who wishes a calm life, but has been forced to pay an indemnification to him of 10 thousand dollars.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Last Saturday took place the performing of our documentary ‘La Memòria dels Temps Perduts’. I know there are many articles that explain about it; however I don’t want to talk about their contents, but about how was the performing.

At four o’clock most of us were in the bar Astoret sharing nerves. Some of us drank something in order to calm our tension. There, we also wrote dedications to Manel’s album (a present that we did from him). At half past five, we went to the cinema to meet with everybody and Manel, too. Some minutes later, people began to arrive and soon the entire cinema was full. I remember my face turning back to last sittings and I saw people who were straight because they couldn’t sit anywhere; all was full.

Around the six o’clock the show began with a mayoralty’s speech. Then, a few words of two students representing all the group - Cristina and Escales-; they were great! Isn’t it?
Just then the film began and people could see our work. People enjoyed our project a lot; many people congratulated us. At the same time, some of us were moved for all the emotion that we were living. However, above all, I must say it was a perfect afternoon!

Furthermore, the party went on, all this don’t finish here. After the cinema we went to the Kastri and celebrated the success! In addition, we could enjoy listening to Saray’s voice singing her song –included in the project-.
Finally, we had dinner in the Restaurant ‘La Riba’ together. There, during the dinner, we receive a nice new: the Generalitat is going to give us some money (financed) to show our project in different cities.