Saturday, October 28, 2006

halloween is near!!!

In the anglosaxon countries are very popular this celebration, but now it is extend around the world, to thanks the television, internet and other new technologies.
For me the most popular about halloween are the pumpkins, because in the night it is very spectacular.
This night is very common that the people dress up as witch, ghost, vampire and other personages about horror.
Boys and girls go to a lot of houses to ask for sweets, cookies and others candies, and the people give them this candies because if they don't give it , the boys and girls scare this people.
In my opinion, I think that it is a very curious custom

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Everyone needs to know how to use a computer

In this millennium the technology will be very important in our life. So, in the twenty-one's century illiterate will be someone who doesn't know how to use a computer.
Nowadays there are quite jobs which you need computer knowledge and only a few of houses doesn't have a computer, although it only would be to the free time. It will be the thing more useful of the century.
Moreover, the future is the “Internet”. We will phone, do videoconferences, by Internet; we will buy by Internet; we will play with our friends by Internet; we will do anything by Internet. And how will you do all this things if you don't know how to use the computer?


Usually, we don't pay attention with this topic, but I think it's very important and we have to have the ideas very clear. If we pass 2nd of batxillerat and PAU, our life will change 100%. Probably we will travel to another city or village to do the studies. And we will live in one student flat or in a residence and it’s very different than live at home with our parents.
I think this change is good for us, because we met new people and learn to live alone. This period of our life is the most important, I think, because in this stage is when we decide our future.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We Finished The Exams!!

Hello!! Now, we have already finished the exams, now already we can be dedicated to the 100% to your blog Chapela! Your invitation has already arrived me. Good luck

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

°۰˚ThE gErMaNs WiLl ArRiVe SoOn°◦۰

Since many years, our secondary school (IES La Pobla de Segur) does an exchange with another school from Germany (Gymnasium Robert Gerwig of Hausach). This exchange is done every two years.
We have waited these years and finally, it has arrived. So, in two weeks, we will see our German correspondent. I'm not impatient because I have already participated in this exchange and I have had a girl at home but some people who have started this year are very nervous.
I think that doing this exchange is a good way to communicate with another people from a different country because we can practice some languages, especially, English and Germany (who learn it). Also, it is interesting because you can know new customs, cooking and more else.
I hope that there won’t be problems and they will spend a good time in our homes. So, enjoy these days with them!!!


new technologies

I'm agree with Xavi. The new technologies must arrive to us for to not remain old fashioned because the next year we will go to the university and we will need to know to use the new resources that we have to our reach.
Also this blog is a funny way to practice english, specially for me, because my english is so bad.

When I study, the new tecnologies are better than to be reading books all the day because it isn't so boring
Tell me what do you think about I have written.

by Sara


The other day I was sailing by Internet when I saw this web. It’s about the
anorexia. This web gives you every type of information about this illness, from
the causes and consequences until the treatment that has the family.I have found
that it could be interesting because there are many people that haven’t got
information about this subject and many girls of nowadays have to learn about
anorexia.I found it a lot exaggerated that the patients among 90-95 % they are
women and the age among the twelve and twenty-five years.I believe that this web
would be well for us to learn things that we didn’t know about this
subject.Moreover there is a test about you and your feeding. I believe that this
subject is realistic because of that I have chosen it to put in our blog.
The web is

Have fun class!!


New tecnologies in our school

I think that having new technologies in school is the best think we can do.
Other years were very bored at school, but now we have a lot of English thinks to do, we have a class only for the foreign languages with a lot of computers, last year we travelled to Canada, I think these years we have made a lot of interesting things and now this subject is very interesting.
Having good technologies is good to, because now we don’t have to print our projects, we only have to click on then internet and all the class will see the composition.
In all the advanced countries like Sweden, Finland this is a normal think and all the subjects are with computers, people do the homework on the computer… a lot of thinks we have to do because the technologies are for this and not only to listen to mp3 or playing computer games.
And for this we have to take advantage for the new technologies and all the class will be the most advanced English class in Catalonia.
See you soon!
by xavi

What do you prefer traveling or exchanging?

The annual student’s exchanges with Germany are near and I'm not going. That’s why I thought "what does the people like more: conventional travelling or exchanges".
In my opinion the two options are good but I prefer travelling to a lot of cities and moving constantly so maybe it's better to go to my own, travelling by train and sleeping on youth hostels. On the other hand if you don’t like this kind of experience it's not a bad idea to exchange.

What do you think?

Post and explain your opinion about it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What are you waiting for?????

Eh, people! Have you forgotten our blog? The next entry will be about the use of ICT in the English class. It will give you practise for the coming exam. Good luck.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Is my blog (kjl_999) working now???

does my blog work or not?
if you see it's working correctly sai me something

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Masaru Emoto's experiment

Do you remember my exposition in Spanish class about Masaru Emoto? Well, just when I finished, a little group asked me about how they can to do the last example that I explained.

It is an experiment very easy. You need two little glass bottles and the same little porcion of rice (only you need to fill a part of the bottle, not all the recipient). When you put the rice in the flasks, you need to find a quiet place (the balcony for example). Then, you take one of them and go out of the room (or the balcony) far from where is the second bottle and you have to said bad things with rage and offences to the first bottle. A few seconds later, you give back near the second bottle. Now, you take the other recipient and repeat the first action, but now, you have to say sweet words and beautiful expressions to the bottle. Finally, you give back the second bottle with the first.

Every day, you have to repeat the same action, you need only five minutes for day. If you do correctly the procedure, in three weeks, more or less, you will have the bottles with the rice how the image that I annexed with the explication.

(I don't know if it can be possible because I want to do this experiment and I only saw the conclusions with images. If someone does the experiment, please, write me a comments and explain me your conclusions and how you have the bottles)

Thanks for all and I will be waiting answers with your experiences!!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The exams are arriving!!!!

We have to pay attention because the next week will be very dificult. We will have a lot of exams and we have to study more. Good luck to everybody!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Finally our blog!!

Hi everybody, it seems that we have got our blog. We are still a bit in awe, but we'll get used to writing in it eventually. I think it will be a good exercise. I encourage you to write every now and then about your things. Of course, you will also write your weekly composition. Who'll send it first?
hello class¡¡¡

this is very difficult to understand

Greetings from lo Pallars

Hi, here we are in la Pobla de Segur. We are the class of 2nd batxillerat. We want to start a new experience with this blog. You'll be welcome to contribute with your comments.