Tuesday, October 24, 2006

°۰˚ThE gErMaNs WiLl ArRiVe SoOn°◦۰

Since many years, our secondary school (IES La Pobla de Segur) does an exchange with another school from Germany (Gymnasium Robert Gerwig of Hausach). This exchange is done every two years.
We have waited these years and finally, it has arrived. So, in two weeks, we will see our German correspondent. I'm not impatient because I have already participated in this exchange and I have had a girl at home but some people who have started this year are very nervous.
I think that doing this exchange is a good way to communicate with another people from a different country because we can practice some languages, especially, English and Germany (who learn it). Also, it is interesting because you can know new customs, cooking and more else.
I hope that there won’t be problems and they will spend a good time in our homes. So, enjoy these days with them!!!


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dani said...

Hi Carina!!!

You are a lucky girl because you can be with a German. Unfortunately I can't, but I enjoy with the Germans that are here. I think that your post is a good summary of this activity. I hope that you stay fine with your German!!

See you soon!