Thursday, December 14, 2006

This week Barça is in Japan. They are there because last year they won the champions league, the most important cup in the Europe.
In this championchip only there are the winners of the all continents, Asia, Africa, Oceania, South and North America.
The last time that Barça went to Japan to dispute this championchip was in 1992, when they won the first Campions League for the Barça.
This time like now, Barça lose the match and retourn to Barcelona without the cup. the fans to Barça are very disappointed with his players, because it is the only cup tht this team never win.
I would like that one day Barça can win this important cup.

Modelism in Lleida

Around the world a lot of people like radio controlled cars, or planes; painting miniatures; sculpting and a lot of hobbies that are engloved in modelism.
Barcelona is the city where there are more modelism shops and centers in Spain, followed by Madrid. But in Lleida there are only two good places where you can go if you like this kind of entertainment. Although there are only those two modelism centers there are very good places with very friendly nice costumers that help you in what they can.
In fact these two shops are in the ranking of the twenty best modeling shops in Spain. They organize Scalextric competitions, painting classes and lots of activities related with radio controlled cars, planes, helicopters and boats, miniatures, train modelism and, in general, all you can think in miniature is there.
But it is only in Lleida. Allover the province there are no shop specialized on this. I hope in a near future it will appear some new and interesting places where you can go to have fun with modelism.

Welcome to !!!

We are going to visit Barcelona next Thursday, instead of being at school.

We are going to leave from La Pobla very early. May be, we will have a break at the middle of the travel to eat something. More o less, at ten or eleven o'clock we will arrive in the big city. At half past eleven we will be at the Museum of the History to do the first visit of the day.

When we finish, we'll have free time to do all the things that we want. We'll be able to go to eat at a restaurant,buy clothes or music, books...

At five o'clock, we'll have to be at the theatre to see "En Polvora".

Finally, after the theatre, we'll come back home, but there is someone that they pass the night in Barcelona or they'll don't come back. For example, Joan and Tuso will be in the Camp Nou at night, people that want to see the family and I that I want to stay with my girlfriend.

Christmas in the countries anglosaxons

In anglosaxon countries the protagonist of Christmas is Father Christmas or Santa Claus. This man fat and bearded with a honey aspect has his origen in a lot of religious traditions.
On the one hand, the legend of Saint Nicholas de Bari, a greek priest, who was characterized by his generousity and his treatment with childrens. On the other hand, the pattern from Holland Sinterklaas was characteritzed by his innovations.
Two centuries later, the northamerican writter Washington Irving changed this two names and put Santa Claus. The appearance of Santa Claus was made by the swedish designer Thomas Nast put Santa Claus in his comics.
In the 20th century Coca-Cola made Santa Claus in his advertisements. First they changed the colour of Santa Claus's clothes and a designer painted the clothes colour red.

I wish you a Mery Christmas and a happy 2007!!

Christmas in our country

Christmas is very near and we are preparing all the things to make it a good celebration.
Every year people go shopping the same day is the celebration, experts say it’s bad because all food is more expensive, they say it’s better to go shopping one week before because food is cheaper and there is less people than the day of the celebration.
Altought experts say this, saverys only say that one of three people go shopping one week before the celebration, people say it’s better because you don’t have to freeze the food and it’s more comfortable to buy all the things the same day because you don’t need space for save food you only need the kitchen.
Experts say it’s a bad habit because Christmas days all the products are more expensive and don’t have the same quality because there are lot’s of shops that to make more money for example some shops sell fish that was fished two or three days before.
But leaving surveys Christmas is a very beautiful party when all the streets are full of beautiful lights and all the people are more happy that in other part of the year, this thing maybe is because the lights on the streets, going shopping but I think we have to take advantages of Christmas and be happy because in one week we will have holidays and it will be the best without school and with all our friends.
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

TV3’s Marató

The TV3’s Marató is a project that it was driven by Catalonia’s television. The objective of this is acquiring a lot of money to a scientific investigation about illness that, nowadays, don’t have definitive healing. As every year, this project relies on all the population of Catalonia. A lot of towns organize different activities to earn money to it.

In addition, the Marató attempt to show everything about illness that they wanted to investigate as for example how this illness has an effect on the social or familiar environment, and specially illustrate the necessity to carry this scientific investigation out, improve the treatment or find a cure of it.

This year it celebrates its fifteenth birthday. It is going to take place the 17th of December and it will be dedicated to chronic pain.

More information click here:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The video of experiment

You can see the video of the experiment in my blog!

There are two videos: a video in english and a video of Buenafuente!

Whenever you want, you can see it.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A life without music

Can you imagine live without the music? In my opinion it's impossible because we're listening to the music all the time, in the shoping centers, on the TV, in the car, etc. In adition, sometimes we don't pay attention that we're listening to music, that's why the music is a normal thing in our lives.

Today, there are a lot of different types of music: rock, pop, classical music, techno, punk, dance, etc. For this reason, every person can choose the type of music that he or she wants, the best group of the moment or the group that he/she likes... but in general, I think that we are searching all the time for that song in which we feel identify or taht other song that we like listen to in a certain moment or in a certein state of spirit.In conclusion, I think that the music it's an important thing in the human lives and I belive that in certain mode it's a way of escape of the reality.If you want listen to some music you can look for it in

Monday, November 27, 2006

Never is late

Hi everybody! I'm so sorry but I'have some problems in my life and It's very dificult for me write in our beautiful blog. But this moment has arrived.
Now I haven't got much time, but I put this video cause' you can watch it and write your opinion about it. The video isn't nothing to write home about , but its lyric says a lot of things and feelings. I love it. This song expresses all that happends throught my mind. I write the lyric down cause' you can read it. It's amazing belive me!

Is there love, tonight
When everyone's dreaming
Of a better life
In this world
Divided by fear
We've got to believe that
There's a reason we're here
Yeah, there's a reason we're here...
Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...
See the truth, all around
Ohh, our faith can be broken
Yea, our hands can be bound
Ohh, Bbut open our hearts
And fill up the emptiness
With nothing to stop us
Is it not worth the risk?
Yeah, is it not worth the risk?...
Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...
And even if hope was shattered
I know it wouldn't matter
Cause these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...
We can't go on
Thinking it's wrong to speak our minds
I've got to let out what's inside...
Is there love, tonight
When everyone's dreaming
Well can we get it right?
Yeah, well can we get it right?...
Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...
And even if hope was shattered
I know it wouldn't matter
Cause these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...
Oh, yeah, let's make the best out of our lives...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Brothers in arms

Brothers in arms is a computer game which explain the history of the sargent Matt Baker. In the game we can find some scenes, situations or include battles where the sargent Matt Baker lived in the second world war.
The objective of the game is to liderate a group of soldiers and try to complete some diferent misions. In adition you have to help your soldiers in the battle and try to stay them alive. Before every mision, you can speak to your soldiers and ask them for his preocupations, his feelings after the battle...
Since the March of 2005 when the game appeared in the shops, Brothers in arms is considerated the best game of the World War II, with his reslistic efects and graphics or his mode of combat but in conclusion, the top note of his succes is his human details like the conversation with your soldiers.
In my opinion the game is very interesting and if you like this type of games you have to play it as soon as you can buy it.
If you want more information about the game click here


During the last few months, we have been seeing lots of advertisements on TV that have to do with Christmas. The most known advertisements, at present, are related, as we are accustomed, with toys and games for children. In addition, we also have perfumes and CD’s advertisements which have an important role in world’s television. Doubtlessly, the reason of this type of advertisements is entirely commercial so as to sell, through this period, lots of products, taking advantage of people’s predisposition to buy more than any time of the year.
On the other hand, other types of advertisements we can find are about typical things and food of Christmas like Christmas trees or nougats.
From my point of view, one of the most attractive advertisements on TV related with Christmas, are about different companies of Cava. For instance, we can mention Freixenet Company, who spends an important sum of money in his Christmas ad. Freixenet is used to advertise their products with famous people. Personally, I do believe the current advertisements are worst than before. I think every year they lost more attraction and amusement. For this reason, I only hope this year it would be more amusing than the last with the actress Demi Moore and Gabino Diego. If we want to know the answer, we will have to wait until 29 November. About it, I just know that protagonists are the actress Gwyneth Paltrow and the dancer Angel Corella. We will see!

Below, I append one Freixenet's advert where you can opine about it. When we will have seen Freixenet 2006's ad we can discuss wich one is better. So, we will see in a few days! See you later!

add FREIXENET 2003

Thursday, November 23, 2006

One of the my favourite sport is Formula 1, although many people consider that is not a sport because the drivers don't move and stay all the race sit in the car, but is one of the harder sport.
The racing driver can lose three or four kilogrammes in one race. This is the reason that the more important in one race, except the concentration, is drink a lot of water. They have a small water tank behind them and through a little hose they can drink.
one other important aspect that they need to keep are the muscles in their neck, because is the part of the body that is more affect, because when they drive a car in one bend near 270 km/h the G strength are very hard, for example if the normal people do it, is very probable that you break one's neck.
In my opinion it is one of the more spectacular sport, because the racing drivers can arrive with their cars near 340 km/h, and it is very dangerous because a very little absent-mindedness can be mortal.

The first snowfall has arrived in the high Pyrenees’ mountains. With this snowfall stars the ski season 2006-2007. I’ve decided speak about this topic because ski is my favorite sport and in la Pobla there are a lot of people who likes skiing. Nowadays ski is a very popular sport and thousand of people practice it in the Pyrenees.
Ski, in the beginning was a means of transport. Ski like sport started in the Northern countries at the end of 19th century. With the phenomenon of immigration, today ski is one sport around the world. In Spain this hobby arrived more or less in 1910. In 1941 was funded la Federación Española de Esquí.
In the last years, skis have developed a lot and the carving skis have removed the traditional skis. This type of skis permit accelerates the learning and goes faster than traditional skis.
Good ski season to all skiers!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Our energetic future

Nowadays society wouldn’t work if there weren’t energies. First people think about electricity but the most important one is the oil, or fuel. In fact more than the eighty percent of the energy we use comes from it. More or less we spend twelve litters of oil each day. This is only what a person spends of fuel energy, there is another part of removable energies as solar or hydraulic.

Moreover oil is used to do a lot of things. Look around, your CDs and DVDs are made from oil, your PC if mostly build of plastic. In general, more than the seventy percent of the objects in your house comes from fuel, what is more only the ten percent of the things you use normally are not made of any type of oil.

But, when will the oil disappear? Experts say that it will never disappear completely, because it will arrive a day when it will be too difficult to extract it and then we will use other combustibles.

So it’s very important the research in this way. A lot of scientists are working to find the best alternative to this kind of live. When will we use an hydrogen or electric car?

An eye for detail 2

If you notice that this topic remembers to you something it’s true, is the topic of the text in page 34 and 35 in our English book but this is the second part.
I think that the text was very interesting and it’s really good to look for mistakes on the films so I decided to create the second part of that text searching other mistakes of other films.

A really good mistake is in the film Scary Movie 3, when they are in the house, the killer cut down the electricity but suddenly the people in the house receive a fax, how can it be possible?
In a Spanish film called Torrente 2 some people are driving they’re cars in the centre of the city at night, but suddenly when they crash to a barbecue it is after dark.
A film that seems to have a lot of mistakes is gladiator that appears in the school book, I looked for more mistakes and I discovered that a man is wearing mountain boots; it seems that Romans were very advanced, other error in that film it appears a carriage moved by a carboy gas.

In the famous film Matrix there is a very big mistake that is that when a man is shooting to Neo he avoid all the shoots but behind him there are some glasses and they don’t break, maybe the glasses avoid the shoots like Neo.

In conclusion the text of the English book say that it’s not a problem because only few people notice these errors but now it is very different because the internet is full of this mistakes and it’s very talked in the net, if you like this text you can go to see more and more mistakes on the internet because it’s really interesting and you’ll see more websites than you can imagine, for this reason I think that nowadays it’s very important not to make mistakes because in only one day or less the internet will be full of that, so make the things slowly and don’t make mistakes.

Mecano: yesterday, tomorrow and always

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Mecano pop group. I have chosen this subject for speaking, because Mecano has been one of the Spanish groups that the Spanish society of the decade of the 80 has marked.A group formed by three members Anna Torroja, Nacho Cano and Jose María Cano. They decided to create this group for the huge influence on those years of the group Los Pecos. At the beginning of their career they didn’t have much of success but they were afterwards a revolution where all the young people of those times felt identified with their songs. I believe that it can’t say what is their best disk because all have got good things.
Last year they decided to make a musical "hoy no me puedo levantar" about their great successes, the musical one has been made famous all over the world. Also they have used their songs in an advertisement of the Coca-Cola.This last year Anna Torroja has taken out a disk alone remembering their best songs like "Los Amantes" a categorical success.My mother always said that Mecano was the best group, I think that in the 80’s century was the best but now there are a lot of pop groups but Mecano was a symbol.


Every time, people buy a movable telephone before.
We used the telephones to send messages, to communicate to us with people from any part, to make photos…
We thought that with a movable telephone we have more freedom, but the truth is that we are more watched, since they can locate to us in almost all parts.
Now on a movable telephone you take everything what you need, camera of photos, telephone, radio, calendar, alarm and soon we will even be able to pay with it.
In years the women single we will take in our purse a telephone and two or three objects more.
Not you, but I do not leave house without my telephone, because I don’t like the sensation that if passes something to not they are going me to be able to locate. It would be possible to be said that the movable telephone is a very important thing for me.
In conclusion, from my point of view the movable telephones are necessary for the society.

Sara Serrano Orihuela

(¯`• HiGh ScHoOl MuSiCaL ·´¯),

High School Musical is a film with a positive plot, animated songs and a great promotion that it has made of this film of Disney Channel a great success. The film has received 11 nominations and it has won 6 of them.
The principal characters are Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, Sharpay Evans, Ryan Evans, Taylor McKessie, Chad Dandfort, Jack Bolton and Ms. Darbus.
It is the story of two students, Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez, who meet themselves in a karaoke during the New Year holidays. Thinking that they will never return to see themself, they interchange the telephone numbers. Later, they will meet in the Institute East High in "Nuevo Mexico" where Troy is the captain of the basketball team Wildcats and Gabriella is a new student of sciences. But this year, Ms. Darbus makes hearings for a musical comedy of the school and they decide to participe. It will be very difficult because two brothers, Sharpay and Ryan Evans, will do the impossible as Gabriella and Troy lose.

(For the fans: The second part of High School Musical has been announced and it will be launched in 2007)

The song of the video: BrEaKiNg FrEe

We’re soarin’, flyin’
There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach

If we’re trying
So we’re breaking free

You know the world can see us
In a way that’s different than who we are

Creating space between us
‘Til we’re separate hearts

But your faith it gives me strength
Strength to believe

Chorus #1

We’re breakin’ free

We’re soarin’


There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach

If we’re trying

Yeah, we’re breaking free

Oh, we’re breakin’ free


Can you feel it building
Like a wave the ocean just can’t control

Connected by a feeling
Ohhh, in our very souls

Rising ‘til it lifts us up
So every one can see

Chorus #2

Troy: We’re breakin’ free

Gabriella: We’re soarin’

Troy: Flyin’

There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach

If we’re trying
Yeah we’re breaking free

Ohhhh runnin’

To get to that place

To be all that we can be

Now’s the time

So we’re breaking free

We’re breaking free

Ohhh , yeah

More than hope
More than faith

This is true
This is fate
And together

We see it comin’

More than you
More than me

Not a want, but a need

Both of us breakin’ free

Chorus #3

Gabriella: Soarin’

Troy: Flyin’

There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach
If we’re trying

Troy: Yeah we’re breaking free

Breaking free
Were runnin’

Ohhhh, climbin’

To get to the place
To be all that we can be
Now’s the time

Troy: Now’s the time

Gabriella: So we’re breaking free

Troy: Ohhh, we’re breaking free

Gabriella: Ohhhh

You know the world can see us
In a way that’s different than who we are

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New eхperιмenт!!!™

Today, I have an experiment that we can do it all together because it is very impressive. It's easy.

We need only two ingredients: a bottle of two liters of Cocacola and a box of Mentos (candies). It's better that we do this out of the school or house.

Well, when we have all of this, we put the bottle in a secure site and we open it. After that, we take the box of Mentos and we put all the candies into de bottle at the same time (we need a piece of paper into a tube just big enough to hold the Mentos in order to help us).

Just when we do that....

Ok, I know the final result, but I want that all of you prove it. If you do the experiment, please, explain me your experience.

If Chapela wants, we can do it in class in 5 min, but, if anyone doesn't want to do it, I give you the explanation and the experiment in video the next week.

See you soon friends!!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today it will teach to you has to do crepes.

  • 250 flour g
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 litter of milk
  • 1 soup spoonful of sugar with a little vanilla
  • 1 picks of salt
  • 50 g of butter
  • 1 spoonful of Cointreau


firts of all, it is preferable to do the paste hours before

In a bowl, to dilute the flour, eggs, the sugar with vanilla, the salt and milk with rods. It is necessary to obtain a paste without lumps then add butter melted and the spoonful of Cointreau. To let rest. In a very hot frying pan, to spill a little butter to lubricate it. To incorporate means paste bucket and to cook during 3 minutes.


First crepe that becomes will serve as test:

If it leaves a little become stiff or dry, to add butter or of milk. If crepe is broken, to add flour vividly shaking to avoid that lumps form

you can put into the crepe what you like.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A contribution from the Gordon Schools

Guy Fawkes Night
In 1605, thirteen men arranged a plot to blow up the houses of Parliament. They put 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellars of the houses of Parliament. On 5th November Guy Fawkes went down into the cellar in an attempt to blow them up but he was stopped. He was caught and tortured, he was put onto a bonfire and left to burn.
Every year since then, British people celebrate the fact that the traitor’s plan was foiled. Since the foil of the plot, 5th November has become known as Bonfire Night and on this night people all over Britain light fireworks and burn a dummy on a bonfire to represent Guy Fawkes.
It has been doubted by some Englishmen whether we are commemorating the foiling of their plan or honouring his attempt to do away with the government.

By Michelle, Rachel & Katie

Sunday, November 12, 2006

"ThE fAsHiOn"

Nowadays, the physical appearance has acquired more importance. Exclusively with the clothes that follow the tendencies of the fashion.
There are a lot of people who don't give importance at the money that they have to spend. The most important of them is always to go to the last with the most expensive marks of the fashion market.
For many, the fashion is considered an art. For others, simply it is a form to waste the money of the rich people and others that don't have as much money. They think that this money can be useful for humanitarian aids. An for the majority, it is a way to call the attention or to be something important.
But the fashion really is so essential for the society as they (designers, people of the fashion...) say? The price of the clothes corresponds at the cost of the mark or the prices are inflated too much? What do you think what the fashion is?
(I ask me if somebody wears the clothes of the photos to go to the street...)

Friday, November 10, 2006


El C.F. Pobla is not having its best moment. Last year, it obtains the third position in the first territorial division; however, this year it has begun the league very bad: only two matches have been won, one has been tied and five have been lost. This is the sad situation of a team that dreams of being at the top of the classification when the league finishes.
This dreadful beginning is basically due to lesions. It could be mentioned not only the clavicle damage of Albert Turch during the 4th football match, but also the muscular ache knee of Jordi Peroy, and even, the Eduard Bastus’ sprain two matches ago.
Anyway, C.F. Pobla should react to its present circumstances so as to be able to give away to its football fans what they really deserve.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Our Audiovisual Project!

This year, in our class, we are doing one very interesting audiovisual project about the history of years 30-60 in Spain. We work with groups about four people. In the beginning of the school year we choosed the topic and we will finish the project, more or less, in January.
There are six different shorts of 10 minutes, and in the end, we will put together in a film that will last about one hour. This film will be send in two competitions, one in Barcelona and the other in Salamanca. Some radio and TV programs and the news are interested in our work and next Monday TV3 will do one documentary about our project. This project is pioneer in Catalonia and unique in Spain.
Good luck!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Young people looking for a job...

Have you ever wondered why we, students and teenagers, don’t find a good job? Maybe it’s because managers are afraid of giving too much responsibilities to us or even though, they believe we are still younger for working in that particular job. Unfortunately, this last answer is the typical that we are used to listen at the end of a work's interview.
Giving responsibilities is not giving the management to somebody. Everybody,who really wants to work, has had to work hard so as to go on in his job. Then, why can not we be worthy of this job, if we work away? We agree old people have more experience than younger, but maybe we can also contribute and suggest new and creative ideas that managers had never thought about.Another point of view is the salary. Sometimes people think teenagers don’t find a job because we are ambitious and very meticulous when we are looking for a job. However, they don’t know we have been working for a long time with a “contract of practices” without receiving anything and at the present we would like to find a good one in better conditions.In short, I think we are in an ignorant and capitalist world where young people have to struggle and try to survive in the best possible way.

What do you think about this?
You can show or give me your opinion!

For or against a gap year.

"Would you like to have a free year, before university, to travel, work and meet new people and whatever you want?" In some countries as UK this is a tradition. When people finish the studies, and before going to university, they have a gap year. It's not the case of our country where people don't stop between these two periods.

A gap year has a lot of important and interesting things. First of all people think it's only a year of relax without preoccupations and problems. But it's not the meaning of a gap year. If people don't study during this period it's not only to relax. The teenagers who travel a year before going to the university want to have new experiences, with new people and in new places. They can learn other languages to.

It has a lot of positive consequences to travel a whole year but there are disadvantages to. For example, in a gap year, you spend a lot of money in hostels, travelling and in all you need during this time. So you have to have earned a lot of money if you don’t want to become a penniless in a foreign country. In addition a year “off” it’s bad for your studies since you forget a lot of important concepts during a year without studying.

At the end, and comparing the two possibilities, I would prefer not to have a gap year before university. I think you are most prepared if you don’t have any pause between the studies.

Live in la Pobla

Living in a small town has got a lot of advantages but, like all the thinks it has hot disadvantages to, I’m going to write a for an against essay and you will discover my opinion about this topic because I think it’s very interesting to us.

On the one hand here in Pobla we have a small school and that mean that classes are smaller and teachers know more the opinions of students than in the big cities, I have read in our bloog an opinion of a German student and I think it’s very important to read, he says that hear in our village, people are very friendly and everybody knows all the people in the village.
Pobla although it’s a small town we have got a cinema and it’s a very important think, however here the cinema is always empty and there are few weeks only the weekends.

On the other hand our town hasn’t got a theatre, there isn’t shopping centres and here clothes and all things are more expensive than in the city, for this reason we go to Lleida or Barcelona to buy clothes or other important things, but I think that going far now is not a problem because roads are everyday more straight and comfortable and if you take the train or the bus it’s a moment to arrive to Lleida, the problem is if you want to study in the city because today flats are very expensive and you have to save a lot of money only to rent a flat with some friends, and then you have to pay university, food…

In conclusion I think that it’s very difficult to say where is better to live, here or in the city, but this is my point of view, it can be a quiet and lovely place or it can be a bored and old-fashioned town.

If you read the text you can take advantages for the bloog and post your opinion and all the class will be able to comment this topic and we will see our opinions of this topic because I think it will be very different opinions.

City or town?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

cнιldren oғ мen™

I am going to talk about the film Children Of Men, the last movie that I saw, because, from my point of view, it is really impressive and a little hard, furthermore, is an excellent work.

Cradle in a book, the argument's film is that, acclimated in the future, in 2027, in a chaotic world in which humans can't procreate, an activist (the protagonist, Clive Owen) accept to help transport a miraculously pregnant woman to a sanctuary at sea, where her child's birth may help scientists save the future of humanity.

In the film, we can see as the immigrants are punished, the war, the suffering, the drama of the people who lose the hope to live, attacks, persecutions, the lost one of friends...

The film was fine and I enjoyed it a lot. I think that is an attractive production and I recommend you to see it whenever you can.

I hope that you like my comment and thanks for read it!!


Monday, November 06, 2006

Now, we are in English class with many German students. They showed us a musical that they did in 2002. We visited a website with many photos and finally we decided to put one of them here.
Here, I also added the adress if you want to see more photos or more information about the thopic.

English class!!

Hi people!today we did our english class with our German friends!
We talked about new tecnologies in school, it was so funny because we have got different points of view.
have fun!


this weekend the germans arrived here for a week. in the middle of the week some of us and the germans are going to do differents activities like a trip to Barcelona and Lleida and on wednesday we are going to practice rafting. the germans are going to leave on friday and in june we are going to go on germany


Today we visited Tremp, Salas and after that we went with our exchange partners to school, where we had an english lesson which was very interesting :-D

English class

We're just having english lesson and we talked about technologies and whether we need it or not. We discussed in groups and we agreed that in the future all of the students will learn with computers.

By: Kati, Sara & Carina

niggin (german pupil)

It's very nice here in la pobla because everybody here is very friendly to us. The people here are very openminded and don't think things that are not true- they don't have prejudices. in their sparetime they are always blitheful and da party all the time for us germans that isn't that usual.
greetings of the germans to all the pupil, here at school.

world cup 2006 in Germany

the world cup in Germany in June was very good and interesting.
many people came from all over the world and it was a huge party every night and day... :D
the matches were very interesting and we enjoyed the offensive football of the german team and the atmosphere of all the germans in our country.
Unfortunately the german team didn't win.

:-* Tobi Andre Norman

Our germany friends

This week we are very very happy. thanks of the germans we have less classes! Now we can have new experiences and learn a lot about laguages and cultures. We can meet new friends and have fun with them.
Chapela,today's class was very interesting. Can we repeat this kind of classes?

see later

Saturday, October 28, 2006

halloween is near!!!

In the anglosaxon countries are very popular this celebration, but now it is extend around the world, to thanks the television, internet and other new technologies.
For me the most popular about halloween are the pumpkins, because in the night it is very spectacular.
This night is very common that the people dress up as witch, ghost, vampire and other personages about horror.
Boys and girls go to a lot of houses to ask for sweets, cookies and others candies, and the people give them this candies because if they don't give it , the boys and girls scare this people.
In my opinion, I think that it is a very curious custom

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Everyone needs to know how to use a computer

In this millennium the technology will be very important in our life. So, in the twenty-one's century illiterate will be someone who doesn't know how to use a computer.
Nowadays there are quite jobs which you need computer knowledge and only a few of houses doesn't have a computer, although it only would be to the free time. It will be the thing more useful of the century.
Moreover, the future is the “Internet”. We will phone, do videoconferences, by Internet; we will buy by Internet; we will play with our friends by Internet; we will do anything by Internet. And how will you do all this things if you don't know how to use the computer?


Usually, we don't pay attention with this topic, but I think it's very important and we have to have the ideas very clear. If we pass 2nd of batxillerat and PAU, our life will change 100%. Probably we will travel to another city or village to do the studies. And we will live in one student flat or in a residence and it’s very different than live at home with our parents.
I think this change is good for us, because we met new people and learn to live alone. This period of our life is the most important, I think, because in this stage is when we decide our future.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We Finished The Exams!!

Hello!! Now, we have already finished the exams, now already we can be dedicated to the 100% to your blog Chapela! Your invitation has already arrived me. Good luck

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

°۰˚ThE gErMaNs WiLl ArRiVe SoOn°◦۰

Since many years, our secondary school (IES La Pobla de Segur) does an exchange with another school from Germany (Gymnasium Robert Gerwig of Hausach). This exchange is done every two years.
We have waited these years and finally, it has arrived. So, in two weeks, we will see our German correspondent. I'm not impatient because I have already participated in this exchange and I have had a girl at home but some people who have started this year are very nervous.
I think that doing this exchange is a good way to communicate with another people from a different country because we can practice some languages, especially, English and Germany (who learn it). Also, it is interesting because you can know new customs, cooking and more else.
I hope that there won’t be problems and they will spend a good time in our homes. So, enjoy these days with them!!!


new technologies

I'm agree with Xavi. The new technologies must arrive to us for to not remain old fashioned because the next year we will go to the university and we will need to know to use the new resources that we have to our reach.
Also this blog is a funny way to practice english, specially for me, because my english is so bad.

When I study, the new tecnologies are better than to be reading books all the day because it isn't so boring
Tell me what do you think about I have written.

by Sara


The other day I was sailing by Internet when I saw this web. It’s about the
anorexia. This web gives you every type of information about this illness, from
the causes and consequences until the treatment that has the family.I have found
that it could be interesting because there are many people that haven’t got
information about this subject and many girls of nowadays have to learn about
anorexia.I found it a lot exaggerated that the patients among 90-95 % they are
women and the age among the twelve and twenty-five years.I believe that this web
would be well for us to learn things that we didn’t know about this
subject.Moreover there is a test about you and your feeding. I believe that this
subject is realistic because of that I have chosen it to put in our blog.
The web is

Have fun class!!


New tecnologies in our school

I think that having new technologies in school is the best think we can do.
Other years were very bored at school, but now we have a lot of English thinks to do, we have a class only for the foreign languages with a lot of computers, last year we travelled to Canada, I think these years we have made a lot of interesting things and now this subject is very interesting.
Having good technologies is good to, because now we don’t have to print our projects, we only have to click on then internet and all the class will see the composition.
In all the advanced countries like Sweden, Finland this is a normal think and all the subjects are with computers, people do the homework on the computer… a lot of thinks we have to do because the technologies are for this and not only to listen to mp3 or playing computer games.
And for this we have to take advantage for the new technologies and all the class will be the most advanced English class in Catalonia.
See you soon!
by xavi

What do you prefer traveling or exchanging?

The annual student’s exchanges with Germany are near and I'm not going. That’s why I thought "what does the people like more: conventional travelling or exchanges".
In my opinion the two options are good but I prefer travelling to a lot of cities and moving constantly so maybe it's better to go to my own, travelling by train and sleeping on youth hostels. On the other hand if you don’t like this kind of experience it's not a bad idea to exchange.

What do you think?

Post and explain your opinion about it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What are you waiting for?????

Eh, people! Have you forgotten our blog? The next entry will be about the use of ICT in the English class. It will give you practise for the coming exam. Good luck.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Is my blog (kjl_999) working now???

does my blog work or not?
if you see it's working correctly sai me something

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Masaru Emoto's experiment

Do you remember my exposition in Spanish class about Masaru Emoto? Well, just when I finished, a little group asked me about how they can to do the last example that I explained.

It is an experiment very easy. You need two little glass bottles and the same little porcion of rice (only you need to fill a part of the bottle, not all the recipient). When you put the rice in the flasks, you need to find a quiet place (the balcony for example). Then, you take one of them and go out of the room (or the balcony) far from where is the second bottle and you have to said bad things with rage and offences to the first bottle. A few seconds later, you give back near the second bottle. Now, you take the other recipient and repeat the first action, but now, you have to say sweet words and beautiful expressions to the bottle. Finally, you give back the second bottle with the first.

Every day, you have to repeat the same action, you need only five minutes for day. If you do correctly the procedure, in three weeks, more or less, you will have the bottles with the rice how the image that I annexed with the explication.

(I don't know if it can be possible because I want to do this experiment and I only saw the conclusions with images. If someone does the experiment, please, write me a comments and explain me your conclusions and how you have the bottles)

Thanks for all and I will be waiting answers with your experiences!!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The exams are arriving!!!!

We have to pay attention because the next week will be very dificult. We will have a lot of exams and we have to study more. Good luck to everybody!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Finally our blog!!

Hi everybody, it seems that we have got our blog. We are still a bit in awe, but we'll get used to writing in it eventually. I think it will be a good exercise. I encourage you to write every now and then about your things. Of course, you will also write your weekly composition. Who'll send it first?
hello class¡¡¡

this is very difficult to understand

Greetings from lo Pallars

Hi, here we are in la Pobla de Segur. We are the class of 2nd batxillerat. We want to start a new experience with this blog. You'll be welcome to contribute with your comments.