Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New tecnologies in our school

I think that having new technologies in school is the best think we can do.
Other years were very bored at school, but now we have a lot of English thinks to do, we have a class only for the foreign languages with a lot of computers, last year we travelled to Canada, I think these years we have made a lot of interesting things and now this subject is very interesting.
Having good technologies is good to, because now we don’t have to print our projects, we only have to click on then internet and all the class will see the composition.
In all the advanced countries like Sweden, Finland this is a normal think and all the subjects are with computers, people do the homework on the computer… a lot of thinks we have to do because the technologies are for this and not only to listen to mp3 or playing computer games.
And for this we have to take advantage for the new technologies and all the class will be the most advanced English class in Catalonia.
See you soon!
by xavi


Barry said...

Hello Xavi, thanks for your post. I am glad you like this new way of approching the learning of foreign languages. I think this is also much better and exciting.

Carina said...

Yes of course! The tecnologies are a good advantage in our lifes (not only in the school) because we can do a lot of things which we couldn't do before. All is more quicly and comfortable. We needn't go to other sites because most of us have a computer at home, for example. So, don't be old fashioned and say "yes" to the new tecnologies.