Thursday, October 26, 2006


Usually, we don't pay attention with this topic, but I think it's very important and we have to have the ideas very clear. If we pass 2nd of batxillerat and PAU, our life will change 100%. Probably we will travel to another city or village to do the studies. And we will live in one student flat or in a residence and it’s very different than live at home with our parents.
I think this change is good for us, because we met new people and learn to live alone. This period of our life is the most important, I think, because in this stage is when we decide our future.


Barry said...

Thanks for your post, Joan. I see you have a lot of plans for next year.

dani said...

Hi John!!

I am agree with you. I'm very nervous, because in a short time, we have to decide our future and we will receive a lot of changes, but I hope that we will do thay with success.

See you soon!!