Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tнιѕ ιѕ noт тнe end!™

Well, we have finished another period of our life, another step ahead in our progress. Now we have others objectives, we need to think from another point of view, more mature.

The last year was very complete: firstly we had to make a project with our friend Manel Dalmau about the "memòria històrica"; then we finished our "treball de recerca"; during all the year we are writing in two bloggs from English and Spanish class; we had to make a lot of jobs and homework and the most important, to pass "Bachillerato".

Was an exciting year. Thanks to all my class' friends for to be like they are and for all of our teachers how help us in order to pass Bachillerato.

I don't have anything more to say, only that all of you have a friend for all that you want, if you need something I will help you inside my possibilities.

And how I began this letter, this is not the end, it' just the beginning!!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007


If you fold a piece of paper down the middle doing it smaller, you will arrive in a moment in which you won’t be able to continue.
The other day, I found out that if you can fold 42 times the paper on itself, you would have an equal thickness to the distance between the Earth and the Moon.
If you want to prove it, try it and you will see that difficulty you will obtain to fold the piece of paper down the middle more than seven times. Luckily, you will arrive at eight or nein… but no more. Also, you can choose a big paper (A3…), but you will see!
If you use a thin paper, you will be able to fold it until seven times and, with difficulty, until eight but although it’s very thin, you won’t pass it more.
So, the result is a heavy paper and every time would be bigger if we could do it…
In conclusion, 42 folders would produce as a result a thickness of… 351.000 kilometres, almost equal of the distance of the Moon.
Numerically, if we fold the paper 42 times we would have two elevated in 42 layers or, the same, 4.398.046.511.104 layers. If every layer has a thickness of 0,8 tenth of millimetre, we obtain a thickness of 351.843,72 kilometres.
Incredible but true!!!

Mundial record: Britney Gallivan was able to fold a paper until 12 times.

Monday, May 14, 2007


We are finishing the year class and the first idea that appear in my mind are holidays. There are a lot of interesting places where you can spend fantastic days, therefore the decision which place we would like to visit can be very difficult: places where to practice sports, know about other cultures, get relax or looking for party.

One of the countries I would like to visit this summer would be Mexico. A country that has marvellous landscapes and a wonderful cultural offer.
First of all I would like to start visiting the ancient ruins from mayas as Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Tulum or Palenque. On the other hand, I would like to take the opportunity of get relax on the fabulous Caribbean beaches or practise snorkelling in Isla Mujeres.

In my opinion, Mexico is a perfect place where we can spend holidays due to it is a mix of culture, nature and adventure but at the same time you can get relax under the sun with the white sand.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Last days, every day is more frequently, we can find many types of music groups and stiles. Many people could think that one type is better than other, but in any case, there are a lot of types to choose.

Internet is one of the most important factors that influence in this topic. Since the technology has arrived in our homes, the music access is so much better. Nowadays, in a few minutes you can download a song or all the songs of a cd. On the other hand, Internet has also some inconvenient because people who work in the music’s world can’t earn too much money. One of the most important problems that singers have is the piracy.

From here, I want to incite everyone to buy an original cd and not a false cd; always against the piracy!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Can women ad men just be friend?

Can women and men just be friends? Yes, they can get on very well and so on, or no, they cannot, there is always something else. From my point of view, this is an interesting question. I have met several friend couples in my short life. Not only the typical classmates who are 16, but also job partners that are mature and find in their mates something new to talk.
Right now, I think we are not mapped out to misunderstand us. Between men and women, there are probably lots of differences. However, we have more similarities than we can imagine. Therefore, what is the matter in spending time on friendship? You can enrich yourself with other thoughts and it does not mean a disloyalty to your partner! So, why a relation between a man and a woman must be doubted?
As far as I am concerned, lots of couples have begun their relationship with a friendship, this is a fact. Yet, it is also a fact that we are used to trusting our feelings to someone else, a man or a woman, it does not matter. We choose our friends depending on the affinities we have together, the personality and so on. This selection implies time and effort; so, afterwards, why do we give relevancy on the fact that this person we have found is a man or a woman?
In conclusion, I do not agree with people who are afraid of women and men friendship. You can have a good friend while you have a partner in order not to look for something else, just to have some laughs or some help. Nevertheless, I agree with the point that not everybody looks like the same.


Barça was eliminated yesterday from the Coup of teh king by the Getafe. This would not be one notice outstanding, since the game of Barça this year is worse than that of the last year, but the one that if it is necessary to remark is in the way that they lost.In the match in the Camp Nou won 5-2, with a goal of Messi that gave the turn in the world, for this reason they had an adventage of three goals.In the second one match however lost 4-0, they did an horrible match, where the players of Barça only shooted one time in the goal of the Getafe.The Getafe is the first time that it arrives at the final., who they will play against Seville, that they won the Deportivo in the other semi-final.
Jaume Garcia

Thursday, May 10, 2007

the globalization

The globalization is a social change based on the increase of the connection between different societies. The globalization can be applied in many contexts for example to the culture, to the industry, to the economy... East term is in use often for saying to a series of trends that presents have been done especially from the second half of the 20th century because of the capitalist systems and the technological development. Some examples of these trends are:

- increase of the international trade.
- increase of the international flow of the capital.
- facilitated from communication to great distance, and development of a global system of telecommunications.
- increase of the cultural influences between countries.
- adoption of western ways of life in any part of the world.
- facilitated to travel and to do tourism
- increase of the migration, legal or illegal.
- development of a financial international system - increase of the economic power of the multinational companies.
- increase of the paper of commercial international organizations.

Since we can observe these facts provoked by the globalization they can contribute good things but also different of bad (Example: illegal immigration), for this not the whole world sees the globalization with good eyes. There are currents of opinion that are in favour of these changes, and they support that the whole long-term humanity favours the world trade, whereas there are others that support that the form that takes the current process of globalization is a source of injustice in the international area, and that he does not promote a sustainable utilization of the natural resources.

What about this?

Sports in our country

I think that Spain is a really good country with sports and it seems that this year will be a fantastic year of sports here.

First of all we know that in Valencia is celebrated the America’s Cup, this weekend it will be the grand prix of F1 in Montmeló and maybe the next year Valencia would have other prix of F1, an urban race.
The most important sport in our country, football also has got a lot of celebrations, for example next week it will be the final of the UEFA cup and two Spanish teams, Español and Sevilla are going to fight to win this important cup.
It’s important to have a lot of competitions because this is a very good way to win money and to have a lot of tourists that visit the country and maybe if this competitions are well organized in the future we would have other Olympic games.
It’s early to say this but I think that the country has a lot of facilities to have all type of competitions so I think we have to be profitable of this thing, also it has got a lot of important people in the world of sports like Fernando Alonso, some good football players like Carles Puyol, swimmers like David Meca, so we have to try it because if we work hard we can have a good future in the world of sports in our country.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gran Angular!

Gran Angular is a TV program from Television Española (TVE) that it is broadcast on Sunday at ten o'clock, more or less, in TV 2. In this TV documental you can see all types of reports and documentals where we can enjoy our social reality here in Catalonia.

In this program you can find stories of life, information, reflections... And it pretends to show the works from new people in this world, from new directors. It's an important and interesting opportunity.

And now we have this opportunity. The next Sunday, Gran Angular will show our project about "the Memory of the lost times" with a documental about our experiences and our work. They like our project and they are very impressed with our job. It's an excellent prize for all of us.

If you want more information you can visit the website of Gran Angular in the Net.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Federer vs Nadal

The next week a tenis match, different to the previous matches, will be celebrated in the Balearic islands, because half of the track will be of land and the other half will be of grass.

This fact is very important because the players who will participate in it are the two best players in the world, Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal.

The organization has taken into account of inviting the best players on these two surfaces, Rafa Nadal champion of the Roland Garros, which is played on land and Roger Federer who won Wimbledon, played on grass.

The tickets were sold in little more than 3 hours, which means that the stadium will be full.

For the time it is only a friendly match, but I believe that this initiative will have a good future and we will see an official tournament with the track divided in two parts soon.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Behind the Scenes of St George

All of the people know the Saint George's legend: Centuries ago in a prosperous kingdom there was a ferocious dragon that ate people... But, do you really know the true story?
In the medieval age, the saints were popular heroes. They were soldiers who fought in the Christians' battles. Also, they were friends of the God and their stories were appreciated by other people, so people were more interested on the lifes of the Saints in the wars than the conquests of the kings. The reason was that to follow a Saint's story was a special way to arrive at God. That's why, Saint George was recognized a Saint Soldier.
He was a roman soldier under Dioclesiano emperor. His anger in the battles made to win the position of Dioclesiano's advisor. Nevertheless, this emperor killed the Christians and George refused to do it. Finally, he went to the prison and Saint Santiago appeared. He said to George that he would be prisoner during seven years and just like a miracle, he would die three times, he would be revived but at the fourth time, he would die for ever. That happened and finally, the emperor gave him the freedom if he made a sacrifice. Saint George prayed and the God burned all the people included the Dioclesiano's wife. At the end of the story, the emperor ordered to cut the head of the Saint George and he never stood up because it was the fourth death.
In XIII Century, the dragons represented confusion, dark and disaster. The dragon is related with the snake of the Edén garden, messenger of the original sin.