Thursday, May 03, 2007

Federer vs Nadal

The next week a tenis match, different to the previous matches, will be celebrated in the Balearic islands, because half of the track will be of land and the other half will be of grass.

This fact is very important because the players who will participate in it are the two best players in the world, Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal.

The organization has taken into account of inviting the best players on these two surfaces, Rafa Nadal champion of the Roland Garros, which is played on land and Roger Federer who won Wimbledon, played on grass.

The tickets were sold in little more than 3 hours, which means that the stadium will be full.

For the time it is only a friendly match, but I believe that this initiative will have a good future and we will see an official tournament with the track divided in two parts soon.

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Barry said...

Jaume, I see that you have used Xavis's password. I remember you told me your computer was out of work. Anyway, the important thing is that you have written an interesting article about this strange tennis match between Federer and Nadal. Guess who wins?