Friday, May 11, 2007

Can women ad men just be friend?

Can women and men just be friends? Yes, they can get on very well and so on, or no, they cannot, there is always something else. From my point of view, this is an interesting question. I have met several friend couples in my short life. Not only the typical classmates who are 16, but also job partners that are mature and find in their mates something new to talk.
Right now, I think we are not mapped out to misunderstand us. Between men and women, there are probably lots of differences. However, we have more similarities than we can imagine. Therefore, what is the matter in spending time on friendship? You can enrich yourself with other thoughts and it does not mean a disloyalty to your partner! So, why a relation between a man and a woman must be doubted?
As far as I am concerned, lots of couples have begun their relationship with a friendship, this is a fact. Yet, it is also a fact that we are used to trusting our feelings to someone else, a man or a woman, it does not matter. We choose our friends depending on the affinities we have together, the personality and so on. This selection implies time and effort; so, afterwards, why do we give relevancy on the fact that this person we have found is a man or a woman?
In conclusion, I do not agree with people who are afraid of women and men friendship. You can have a good friend while you have a partner in order not to look for something else, just to have some laughs or some help. Nevertheless, I agree with the point that not everybody looks like the same.

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Barry said...

Dear Rosa, I don't really understand your point. Is it that men and women can or can't be just friends as oppose to being lovers?