Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sports in our country

I think that Spain is a really good country with sports and it seems that this year will be a fantastic year of sports here.

First of all we know that in Valencia is celebrated the America’s Cup, this weekend it will be the grand prix of F1 in Montmeló and maybe the next year Valencia would have other prix of F1, an urban race.
The most important sport in our country, football also has got a lot of celebrations, for example next week it will be the final of the UEFA cup and two Spanish teams, Español and Sevilla are going to fight to win this important cup.
It’s important to have a lot of competitions because this is a very good way to win money and to have a lot of tourists that visit the country and maybe if this competitions are well organized in the future we would have other Olympic games.
It’s early to say this but I think that the country has a lot of facilities to have all type of competitions so I think we have to be profitable of this thing, also it has got a lot of important people in the world of sports like Fernando Alonso, some good football players like Carles Puyol, swimmers like David Meca, so we have to try it because if we work hard we can have a good future in the world of sports in our country.

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Barry said...

Hi Xavi, I really like your article. It is so optimistic! I think we really have many good sportsmen and if we promote sport among adolescents, our country could dream of having other Olympic games like the ones in 1992.