Friday, May 11, 2007


Barça was eliminated yesterday from the Coup of teh king by the Getafe. This would not be one notice outstanding, since the game of Barça this year is worse than that of the last year, but the one that if it is necessary to remark is in the way that they lost.In the match in the Camp Nou won 5-2, with a goal of Messi that gave the turn in the world, for this reason they had an adventage of three goals.In the second one match however lost 4-0, they did an horrible match, where the players of Barça only shooted one time in the goal of the Getafe.The Getafe is the first time that it arrives at the final., who they will play against Seville, that they won the Deportivo in the other semi-final.
Jaume Garcia

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Barry said...

i agree with you Rosa, but no team can be for ever a champion.