Thursday, May 10, 2007

the globalization

The globalization is a social change based on the increase of the connection between different societies. The globalization can be applied in many contexts for example to the culture, to the industry, to the economy... East term is in use often for saying to a series of trends that presents have been done especially from the second half of the 20th century because of the capitalist systems and the technological development. Some examples of these trends are:

- increase of the international trade.
- increase of the international flow of the capital.
- facilitated from communication to great distance, and development of a global system of telecommunications.
- increase of the cultural influences between countries.
- adoption of western ways of life in any part of the world.
- facilitated to travel and to do tourism
- increase of the migration, legal or illegal.
- development of a financial international system - increase of the economic power of the multinational companies.
- increase of the paper of commercial international organizations.

Since we can observe these facts provoked by the globalization they can contribute good things but also different of bad (Example: illegal immigration), for this not the whole world sees the globalization with good eyes. There are currents of opinion that are in favour of these changes, and they support that the whole long-term humanity favours the world trade, whereas there are others that support that the form that takes the current process of globalization is a source of injustice in the international area, and that he does not promote a sustainable utilization of the natural resources.

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Barry said...

Hi Eloi, your article is quite interesting. Globalisation is a two face issue, where good and bad can be discussed. I am not against it, but I also think that our own identity can be swallowed and lost.