Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Last Tuesday we received a visit from this university. A bus came here to explain all about this campus.

They explained how we can to consult the university careers and we received much information. In this place, we'll can be independents because we can live in our apartment with friends or not (it's not very expensive) and, at the same time, we'll have our faculty near home. All of that it's like a city only for students, because there are 50.000 students and they have cinemas, gyms, shops, supermarkets, etc, and the transport around this place is free. If the students have problems with something brought at home (for example with the microwaves), they will repair free and if they are ill, they have assistance and vigilance.
Finally, a very important thing for all the young people is that they have much big parties when they have finished the exams!

In conclusion, is a good university but we need to think in all the opportunities that we can have and choose the best for us.

What do you think about this campus? Where do you want to study? This is the question

Monday, February 19, 2007

Salvador Puig Antich

One of the last movies that I have seen has been Salvador. Salvador narrated Salvador Puig Antich's history, the last sentenced to death by Garrote Vil.
Salvador is a young man with many desire of living through the life with freedom and giving freedom to the world, he forms a band with more boys who think like him. From this moment everything is turned in against their lifes. They start holding banks up to be able to buy weapon and create his own way of defending himself.
Salvador is imprisoned and sentenced to death, even if the whole world tries to save him, it is not possible to do anything and dies. With this movie you can estimate the conditions in which he had to live in prison, the treatment that he received in prison and how their family had to live all this time.
I have thought that it is a very emotive movie and that if you are interested in all these facts it is good to see the movie or you to be read by the books that treat on his life.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Here you have an address where you can listen to the story we are going to see in Tremp on 22nd February.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Guggenheim’s architect is going to design a new building in Andorra

The North American architect of Canadian origin, Frank Gehry (Toronto, 1929) will be the architect that will designing the future building of the National Archive of Andorra,which will be constructed in La Massana. The author, who won the prize Pritzker in 1989 will have to finish the design before the first July of 2008, date that constructor will start the works, which will be executed in the minimum period of two years. The candidature of Gehry has been imposed (with 98 points about 100) to the other architects of the area; this is because Frank Gehry is one of the best architects in the world. The project which the North American architect will have to work will have to have the specific conditions that an archive requires and, the materials, will have to take the weather conditions of the Principat because this is a very cold zone and it’s up the one thousand metres. Gehry will have to select architects and engineers of the country to carry out the project, which has already been declared national of interest because in the future it will receive a lot of tourists and it will be an icon of the Principat.
This new Archive will include a big square and an auditorium that can accommodate representations of the National Scene of Andorra.

Actually the archive is saved in an old building an there is documentation of the year 1278, the First Pareatge, dated in 1278 is one of the most important document in this archive, it’s considered the foundation of the Principat.

 In this way, the Principat pretends to win prestige through names of reference of the contemporary architecture. I think it is a good thing to talk about because it’s very rarely to see one of this constructions in our country and maybe in the future we will can go to Andorra to see that fascinating Gehry building.

The alcohol and the cars

Lately, every time we watch the news, we see that persons have lost their life in the road for driving under the effects of the alcohol. DGT advertising campaigns are not worth to avoid this massacre. What is going on with people?? Cannot they go out without drinking anything??

I am a driver, and I agree that it is not the same going out without being able to drink not even only one glass, and even less when you see your friends enjoying a lot the party. The solutions are simple. You can leave your car at home, or if it is necessary to take the car, you should make turns with your friends. Every day drives one of them.

Please, drivers must be conscious. They must give the alcohol up or leave the car at home. If you drink do not drive!!!

problem with phones

Spain is the second European country that spends more money on downloads on mobile phones. Almost the 20% of the mobile phone users spend more than five euros on downloads every month, and the most downloaded services are first the politones, and in second place the games and screens.

But a lot of people think that it is a good thing. The problem is when you have contracted a service that makes you spend money every day. When you don’t want this service is very difficult to retire it from your phone. The best thing is to search on the net a forum where other people have the same problem as you. There they tell you how to solve the problem. Some times you spend a lot of days for retiring the service and when you finally achieve it you have paid a lot of money.

So if you don’t want to do this don’t subscribe to any phone service, because it’s easy to enter but difficult to go out.

Construction Speculation

This method started few years ago and nobody knows the end.
This is a faster method to win a lot of money in not much time. But the problem is that this method only benefits rich people and for young people who want buy a new flat it’s almost impossible. For example, in our town in ten years, the house’s prices had been doubled.
This increment is unacceptable for a young couple because the only solution is contract a mortgage that probably will finish forty years later. In think that the government have to redact a new law and protect the housing’s price because in some years I would like buying a new flat but now it’s totally impossible.

Friendship Is Important to Teens

The relationships are very important to teens. First at all, because friendships provide opportunities to the adolescent for to solve conflicts. Second, the friends give divertion and emotion to the teens with their company and recreation. Furthermore, the friends give advice to another to help themselves. In addition, loyalty is a valuable aspect in a friendship. And finally, the friendships provide stability during difficult times of stress and anxieties.

But, what happens when people don't have friends?
Teens without friends are more lonely and unhappy. They usually have very low levels of academic achievement and they have depressions. When they get older, they run more risks of leaving the school and to get involved in delinquent activities.
So, in this society, it is important to help this people who don't know how to integrate in the groups and not to laugh of them. Respect this people!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Last January 22nd took place in our town’s playing field the Local derby between the Pobla C.F and F.C Tremp. The game started at 4 o’clock. All the players –both teams- arrived in the play neither wound nor penalty.
First part, Pobla’s players sway over Tremp’s players. They control the game in all the player’s positions and they were who created danger in front of Tremp’s goalkeep. That’s the reason why the first goal of Pobla arrived. On account of this first goal players of Tremp woke up and they began to play better. However, it wasn’t enough to theirs because in the second part Pobla score other goal. Some minutes later Pobla’s players sentence the game with a third goal.

A big Pobla’s game!!!!!! If it go on in this way, it will not has too many rivals in the

Romantic music

Here you have one of my favourite songs for St Valentine.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

St Valentine

Have you realized which day is today? Aren't you in love? I can't believe you! Here you have some addresses where you can find curiosities about this celebration:

Have a romantic Valentine Day.

Our problem!

We are in half of the course and we need to decide what is the future that we want for us. This is the problem.

We have many doubts because we don't know what we want to do or to be in the next year. May be, all of us want to do a superior module or enter in the university. And now, we have another complication; no one surely knows what he or she wants to study because it is very relative. We would do many things, studies in Barcelona or Lleida, jobs, a gap year, social life, etc. and this decision is very difficult. If you decide to go to the university you can think that this can be very difficult or little attractive but you can't render you because if you want, you can. Or you can decide to do a superior module but you don't know which or where. We need answers and the help of the people that know our possibilities.

In conclusion, we need to think a lot and decide something fast because we need to know our future project in order to continue our life.

Monday, February 12, 2007

A Midnight Summer's Dream

Next Thursday –on 22nd- we are going to see a romantic comedy in the Lira’s theatre in Tremp. This comedy is called “A Midnight Summer’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. I had never heard about it, so I didn’t know anything about the synopsis. Of course, I know the famous writer who wrote this play, but until know I just knew other plays and stories like ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Julius Caesar’, ‘As You Like It’, ‘Hamlet’ and ‘The Tempest’. However, we have been working on this romantic comedy, doing some exercises and searching for some information about it, so I know a lot of it now.

Well, now we only have to wait for the next Thursday and then we can go on talking over the work! Until now, I think it will be a funny and entertaining time.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Hi everybody, I came across this old song I thought you may like listening to it.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Badminton championship

The next week will begin in our institute a championship of badminton in which boys, girls and professors faced.
We play in couples and this divided in three groups, boys, girls and compound.
The couples can be formed by people of different ages, it is not necessary that are single classmates or professors.
It can be a championship very amused and from my point of view they would have to make more to foment the comradeship between students and to know a little more the professors.
The first parties will be Tuesday 13 at last hour of class.
I hope that it interests to you and if nor you want to participate you can go of spectators.
To finish, the winners they will have the small flattery, which will be badminton rackets

OT has finished

Two weeks ago finished the famous TV program of OPERACIÓN TRIUNFO.
In this edition the winner was Lorena, a girl who lives in the city of Lerida, the capital of our province.
The second and third finalists were Daniel and Leo.
This edition to be one of the most commented because of the jury, in individual Risto Mejide, a publicist very criticize with the participants, who get’s to compare the winner with a consolador, the second classified with a bear of toy and the third with a table ironing.
Surely this year they have had more public because of this gentleman.
Next to this writing I enclose a song to you of each one for which you prune to decide as you like more and if it seems to you correct that they have arrived until the end.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Nowadays children and almost old people have having bad habits on their life. Most of this habits are from the stress. In this moment, the families are working all the day on their jobs so when they have arrived at home, they are too tired and they don't feel like doing something health to eat, so is more easy put a pizza into the oven or do a sandwich.
If people do it once a week, it doesn't matter, but when people do this everyday it could be wrong for our health.
But on the other hand nowadays people don't do any sport. Old people don't have time cause' they are working, but the problem of the young people as teenagers isn't the time, but they prefer play in the play-station, surf in the internet or watching stupid programmes on television before go to do some sport exercise, play some sport.
I think that it's a big problem from ours life, because we don't have a good health and we are everyday fatter. I think that the new technologies are a very important fact as a consequently than this habits, and we must try to have a balanced diet, it's not necessary to do an strict diet but yes try to eat balanced. And we also try to do some sport exercises, for example go on walk half an hour a day, not more. But I know that it is hard. ;-)


I felt very excited as the plane touched down at the airport in Cuzco. It was snowing outside, but I was eager to get to Macchu Picchu, so I took a helicopter to Aguas Calientes. From there I started my climb mountains, which are about 2.450 metres high and that was when things took turn to the worse.

I was getting lost. I didn't know where I was going in this moment. I felt very afraid, I was feeling so scared. But after a while I saw a big orange tent in the middle of the valley and I went to there. When I was nearly tent, I could heard some voices so I thought that there were somebody inside. It made me feel so happy because I was not alone on the mountain. In this moment I went into the tent without thinking about it, at first nobody saw me until a little girl who was running there went to her mother that I was there and in this moment everybody was looking me, so I felt blush. Everybody started to ask me what was I doing there, what has happened and if I was feeling good. So then I explained them all that happened and they help me to find the way to can go out.

A few minutes later I reached the top of the mountain where a helicopter was waiting for me because the people from the orange tent call it cause' they were volunteer-fighters so they did this to help me.
Finally the helicopter returns me to the Cuzco airport and I took a plane which bring me at "home".

Monday, February 05, 2007

Where are your contributions?

Hi everybody, I have been checking your contribution to the Blog throughout the last month of January, and only five people have done their job. I'm sorry to tell you that all of you who haven't written anything for our Blog, will have a negative mark in the coming evaluation. Sorry, but this is part of a project and your not taking part in it will affect the general results of the whole experience.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Robberies through the Internet

Every day a lot of people suffer a robbery, but an increasing part of it it’s only by the net, by stealing bank passwords.

It’s a very easy business for the thieves; they only need a computer with internet and some knowledge of web page building. What they do is to send a e-mail to the people saying that the bank has lost your personal information. Then there is a link to a web very similar to the original site of the bank. There they ask you to write your credit card number and the password. If you write it, they easily take out your money. This is the simplest kind of online robbery, but there are a lot of tactics that are more difficult to find out.

Avoiding this kind of stealing is very easy. If you are asked to do whatever related with your bank online, just don’t do it. Then go to the bank office and ask their for the e-mail. If it was real, no problem, but if it was a treat you have saved your money. Another kind of treat is a program that detects what you write on the internet, it is also used to steal e-mail accounts. It’s impossible to discover it until you have a very good anti virus.

This robberies are becoming very habitual, most of them are done from eastern countries so it’s very difficult to find out the thieves, so if you don’t want to be robed don’t use the internet and the money at the same time.