Thursday, February 15, 2007

Friendship Is Important to Teens

The relationships are very important to teens. First at all, because friendships provide opportunities to the adolescent for to solve conflicts. Second, the friends give divertion and emotion to the teens with their company and recreation. Furthermore, the friends give advice to another to help themselves. In addition, loyalty is a valuable aspect in a friendship. And finally, the friendships provide stability during difficult times of stress and anxieties.

But, what happens when people don't have friends?
Teens without friends are more lonely and unhappy. They usually have very low levels of academic achievement and they have depressions. When they get older, they run more risks of leaving the school and to get involved in delinquent activities.
So, in this society, it is important to help this people who don't know how to integrate in the groups and not to laugh of them. Respect this people!!!

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Barry said...

I think you are completely right, Carina. However, very often young people are very cruel and leave aside their classmates to make them feel uneasy. I hope the young generations will behave better and really integrate everybody.