Saturday, February 03, 2007

Robberies through the Internet

Every day a lot of people suffer a robbery, but an increasing part of it it’s only by the net, by stealing bank passwords.

It’s a very easy business for the thieves; they only need a computer with internet and some knowledge of web page building. What they do is to send a e-mail to the people saying that the bank has lost your personal information. Then there is a link to a web very similar to the original site of the bank. There they ask you to write your credit card number and the password. If you write it, they easily take out your money. This is the simplest kind of online robbery, but there are a lot of tactics that are more difficult to find out.

Avoiding this kind of stealing is very easy. If you are asked to do whatever related with your bank online, just don’t do it. Then go to the bank office and ask their for the e-mail. If it was real, no problem, but if it was a treat you have saved your money. Another kind of treat is a program that detects what you write on the internet, it is also used to steal e-mail accounts. It’s impossible to discover it until you have a very good anti virus.

This robberies are becoming very habitual, most of them are done from eastern countries so it’s very difficult to find out the thieves, so if you don’t want to be robed don’t use the internet and the money at the same time.

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