Monday, February 19, 2007

Salvador Puig Antich

One of the last movies that I have seen has been Salvador. Salvador narrated Salvador Puig Antich's history, the last sentenced to death by Garrote Vil.
Salvador is a young man with many desire of living through the life with freedom and giving freedom to the world, he forms a band with more boys who think like him. From this moment everything is turned in against their lifes. They start holding banks up to be able to buy weapon and create his own way of defending himself.
Salvador is imprisoned and sentenced to death, even if the whole world tries to save him, it is not possible to do anything and dies. With this movie you can estimate the conditions in which he had to live in prison, the treatment that he received in prison and how their family had to live all this time.
I have thought that it is a very emotive movie and that if you are interested in all these facts it is good to see the movie or you to be read by the books that treat on his life.

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