Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Last Tuesday we received a visit from this university. A bus came here to explain all about this campus.

They explained how we can to consult the university careers and we received much information. In this place, we'll can be independents because we can live in our apartment with friends or not (it's not very expensive) and, at the same time, we'll have our faculty near home. All of that it's like a city only for students, because there are 50.000 students and they have cinemas, gyms, shops, supermarkets, etc, and the transport around this place is free. If the students have problems with something brought at home (for example with the microwaves), they will repair free and if they are ill, they have assistance and vigilance.
Finally, a very important thing for all the young people is that they have much big parties when they have finished the exams!

In conclusion, is a good university but we need to think in all the opportunities that we can have and choose the best for us.

What do you think about this campus? Where do you want to study? This is the question


Carina said...

At first, it seems that this university is good but I agree with you when we have to think more about this choose.
It is an important decision because we will have to rest all these next years in it. So, be carefull and search more information. That will help you!!!

Barry said...

Hi Dani, from now on you will be getting lots of information from universities. As Carina says you (all of you) have to be careful and think a bit before making up a decision. Nowadays all universities are good and offer all kind of facilities to students, so you have to look for other things like prestige, location, grants, Erasmus, exchange programmes, etc.