Thursday, March 01, 2007


Our work is about three characters that during the conflict that lived Spain in years '36-' 39, decided to run away to France. Big part of this documentary is based on real facts. This film combines interviews with two persons that lived the exile, and a part of fiction whit the representation of an escape.The story starts with a brief interview to the two protagonists explaining the reason of their escape. After the interview, the facts move to the year '38, where we find the protagonists gathered in one secret local, planning the escape. The following day in dawn the protagonists start the escape leaving behind their village. Before abandoning their town, one of the characters decides to take a photo.Among the different scenes, take part various interventions of the interviewees explaining their experiences.The work appeared from the fact that two of our grandfathers lived this situation, and we considered a good opportunity to represent their story in this film.

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Barry said...

Hi Joan, I'm glad you have written something about that documentary I am eager to watch. I have heard so much about it! On the other hand, your grand-fathers must be very proud to see their story filmed, and to see how proud you also are of them.