Thursday, March 15, 2007


Sometimes we are not concerned about the illnesses and the consequences of them we can suffer in the future and we don’t realise that until it happens to you or a close friend or family. An example of these consequences is the euthanasia. The euthanasia refers to either ending the life of a suffering or terminally ill person or acting in such a way as to allow the person to die. This way of helping people to die has many opinions for and against.

One of the main arguments for euthanasia is that individuals should have the right to die with dignity or to end their own suffering, especially in cases of fatal illness. Another argument is that, not only allows terminally ill individuals and their families to avoid crippling medical bills, but possible financial ruin also. Furthermore, it would avoid both suffers, the ill individual and his family.

In contrast, there are also arguments and opinions against. First of all, there is the religious argue which says that life is a gift from God, and only God should have the right to take it away. Another one is the violation of doctor’s profession, the “Hippocratic Oath”. Moreover, some organizations against say that euthanasia is a way of killing a person and that should be penalised by some punishment.

As far as I am concerned, I want to believe that some day the government will reflect on the possibility of having a dignity die in case of fatal and terminally illnesses and finally it will legal euthanasia. To sump up, I just want to say that euthanasia should be a right or even a freedom for all serious and critical ill individuals, but always knowing all the consequences can be derived.

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Maria Ascension said...

Hi Rosa, thanks a lot for your article. You have talked about something very difficult with a very mature common sense.