Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The prohibition of advertisements

I will talk about and interesting thing that occurred one month ago in our country and now it’s very talked other time.
The company Dolce&Gabbana published an advertisement that brought a lot of problems because many women in Spain thought that it was a fact of male chauvinism, for this reason the “Instituto de la mujer” forbade the advertisement in Spain.
At first the company was very infuriated with Spain and they said that Spain wan an old country, but one week later this advertisement was forbidding in our countries so the company decided to retire it from around the world.
But now this thing is more talked in Spain because the company Dolce&Gabbana has retired all his advertisements in Spain, it seems like the company wants to punish the Spanish government so they retire all his advertisements.
The president of the association of users of the communication in Spain said that forbidding the advertisement was too much extreme but the decision has already been taken and now we have to accept the consequences.
I think the best thing to know if the advertisement is good or bad is to question people what they think so I propose you to say your opinion about this topic because I think it’s very interesting.
The next photo is one of the photos forbidden:


Maria Ascension said...

Hi Xavi, I think that this advertisement is extremely provocative and machist.

dani said...

Hi Xavi!!! Your post is very interesting and is a good topic that nowadays have a lot of problems with Spain and other countries like you said here.
From my point of view, I think that the law was very hard with this campaign but, on the other hand, the photo is like a violation (men that are seeing how one of them is taking a woman). It's a little hard.
In conclusion, the decision of our country is correct because this advertisement is an attack against the women.