Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ArE tHeY hAnDsOmE bEcAuSe ThEy ArE fAmOuS?

The present fame has a similar effect than the past fame; the things, facts and people become pretty and ideal.
This peculiar effect takes place with the famous: men who were absolutely normal and even ugly, they become sex-symbols and they start to be more attractive and desirable only because they are in this status.
In just a short time and with the help of the beautician, the people begin to know them for their romances with spectacular women. For example, Adrien Brodie, who is an actor with a lot of talent, had a relation with Elsa Pataky and he isn't a sex-symbol. Another evident case is Ronaldo. His fame and his money replace the beauty so Milene Rodrigues (the girl with whom had his son), Daniela Cicarelli and Raica Olivera were his girlfriends. Also, Mike Jagger, Willem Dafoe,... are examples of this situation.
The cause is the following one:
The people mix the talent that they show publicly, their personality and behaviour (the things that make to fall in love with them) with the beauty. Also, we don't know how to differentiate the actor in front of the character.
We like famous or the characters that they interpret? Do you think that the fame helps to be more attractive? Have you fallen in love with somebody only because he is famous?

(Here I put photos about the famous examples of the writting and their cartoons in order to emphasize their defects and to explain that they aren't really handsome)

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Maria Ascension said...

Hi Carina, I hope none of us became so crazy about beauty.