Thursday, March 15, 2007

Milan offers 60 million for Ronny.

Last week Milan football club offered 60 million euros for acquire Ronaldinho in their team, but Ronny wants follow in Barcelona to 2010 when finish his contract. The only thing he wants is that Barça have to return to its initial project. He thinks that he can give a lot of happiness and win another Champions in Barcelona. The player has planned one new physic plan to return in his best stage in Barcelona.
Belletti and Sylvinho are totally sure that Ronny will continue with Barça to 2010.
I wish Ronny would continue in FCB to 2010 because he is the best player in the world and he is necessary to win new coups and leagues.

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Maria Ascension said...

I am sure Ronny will end in FC Barcelona as a couch.