Friday, March 02, 2007


On March 30, we will have premiere, the documentary La memoria dels temps perduts. Documentary this one, it treats on the historical memory. There is a whole of six shorts of approximately five minutes each one. The different shorts call: Quan Gilda es va treure el guant, Disset anys en aquest món de déu, Triangle imperfecte, Tardes de Café, La última fotografia and El laberint dels desapareguts.
All these shorts are very interesting, and I think that documentary this one will go out very well and the people will like very much.
From this one week, already it will be possible see the advertising of the different shorts for all the town.

Chapela we wait you the day of the premiere!!

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niss said...

Que Fort !!!
El Fill de Palanca a la pel·licula.