Friday, March 02, 2007

Fashion styles

There are a lot of different fashion styles and nowadays it's a big topic in our society. So, I am going to talk about this now.

First of all, I must say people shouldn’t always be like other people. I think all people can be and can get dress which they want. I’ve said this because there are people who criticize and don’t respect them. However, I agree with people who want to show his or her opinion. For instance, I hate piercing and tattoos, although I don’t judge people who wear one.

From my point of view I think every type of fashion, every own style have to be respected. You can say for example that this shirt is so smart; other can think that it is too formal; other can think that it’s too original…
In a nutshell, everybody can wear which they want and everyone has to respect all styles.

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