Saturday, March 17, 2007

Aggressive Advertising?

I think Xavi has written an interesting article about the Advertising Campaign carried out by Dolce&Gabana. I would like you to read it and give your opinion. It seems that the company has decided not to show any adverts in Spain, due to the reaction of women. What do you think?


Rosa M said...

How can be possible adverts like this where women are being discriminated in broad XXI century? I think this advert is so sexist and show a little bit an aggression to women. A far as I am concern, our society is living too much violence between men and women (above between couples), so from here I ask for don’t accept this type of adverts; there are many ways to announce products and brands.

Carina said...

Are we really old? Only Dolce&Gavanna, Giorgio Armani... understand the modern things? Sorry, but I think that during many years, we have been fighting for a thing (the sort equality) that today, with as much freedom of expression we have, is snatched to us. So, what we have to do? To resign to us and to return at the age when the women were nothing?