Thursday, March 15, 2007


These days, most of us are preparing "things" to impress people in our town. Everything what we do is publicity about our project: "Memòria d'un temps perdut" and every group are making a good work but I want to give you more information in order that people remain with an open mouth in front of our creations.
The publicity is a technique of the mix marketing whose fundamental objective is to create mark image, to remember, to inform and/or to persuade the public to maintain or to increase the sales of the goods or supplied services. The publicity arrives at its public through mass media.

There is a publicity's theory: attraction, interest, desire and action. According to this rule, they are the four basic steps in order to an advertising campaign achieves the success. First, it's necessary to call the attention, later, to catch the interest by the demand. Next, to wake up the acquisition desire and, finally, the result is the purchase or what we wanted to obtain (in our case that people go to watch the documental).

Here, I explain you strategies for the accomplishment of an effective publicity:
Sense of humor, share your feelings, use great music, images, people... Also, the message would have to take advantage at the moment and it is retained by the people when it is repetitive. And, after all, sincerity!!!

I hope that it will motivate you and, simultaneously, it will help you. Good Luck!

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Maria Ascension said...

Hi Carina, thanks a lot for your article which is full of interesting information about publicity.