Monday, February 12, 2007

A Midnight Summer's Dream

Next Thursday –on 22nd- we are going to see a romantic comedy in the Lira’s theatre in Tremp. This comedy is called “A Midnight Summer’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. I had never heard about it, so I didn’t know anything about the synopsis. Of course, I know the famous writer who wrote this play, but until know I just knew other plays and stories like ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Julius Caesar’, ‘As You Like It’, ‘Hamlet’ and ‘The Tempest’. However, we have been working on this romantic comedy, doing some exercises and searching for some information about it, so I know a lot of it now.

Well, now we only have to wait for the next Thursday and then we can go on talking over the work! Until now, I think it will be a funny and entertaining time.

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Barry said...

Thanks my dear. After so many expectations I hope you like it.