Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Nowadays children and almost old people have having bad habits on their life. Most of this habits are from the stress. In this moment, the families are working all the day on their jobs so when they have arrived at home, they are too tired and they don't feel like doing something health to eat, so is more easy put a pizza into the oven or do a sandwich.
If people do it once a week, it doesn't matter, but when people do this everyday it could be wrong for our health.
But on the other hand nowadays people don't do any sport. Old people don't have time cause' they are working, but the problem of the young people as teenagers isn't the time, but they prefer play in the play-station, surf in the internet or watching stupid programmes on television before go to do some sport exercise, play some sport.
I think that it's a big problem from ours life, because we don't have a good health and we are everyday fatter. I think that the new technologies are a very important fact as a consequently than this habits, and we must try to have a balanced diet, it's not necessary to do an strict diet but yes try to eat balanced. And we also try to do some sport exercises, for example go on walk half an hour a day, not more. But I know that it is hard. ;-)

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Barry said...

Hi Txell thanks for your writing. I think you wanted to say bad habits and not bat habits. Careful with spelling!