Thursday, February 15, 2007

problem with phones

Spain is the second European country that spends more money on downloads on mobile phones. Almost the 20% of the mobile phone users spend more than five euros on downloads every month, and the most downloaded services are first the politones, and in second place the games and screens.

But a lot of people think that it is a good thing. The problem is when you have contracted a service that makes you spend money every day. When you don’t want this service is very difficult to retire it from your phone. The best thing is to search on the net a forum where other people have the same problem as you. There they tell you how to solve the problem. Some times you spend a lot of days for retiring the service and when you finally achieve it you have paid a lot of money.

So if you don’t want to do this don’t subscribe to any phone service, because it’s easy to enter but difficult to go out.

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Barry said...

That happened to me not very long ago. It was terribly difficult to get out. In fact, I was paying very small amounts (something like 2 euros) for at least one year.