Monday, January 22, 2007

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is the concept we use to refer to the different cultures that exist. Every country has it own culture, its thoughts, and a different type of dresses… However, a lot of people don’t accept others’ culture because they believe that these are lower than their customs or thoughts. In the same way that they have a form of life, everybody has to have its. I think the different cultures haven’t been built in a day, but in many years ago. So, nowadays, anyone can change the culture of others.That’s the reason why I consider globalization can’t apply to culture. Every country –as I said before- has a different culture and anyone have to interpose or avoid other costumes.

Eventually, I must say –from my point of view- everyone are equals, with independence of our culture. Our own way of life shouldn’t be us different. There would not be so hatred just for the colour of the skin. We should help each other; we don’t have to annoy the others’ life and we must achieve avoid discriminations and hatreds.

*What do youthink about it?

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