Friday, January 05, 2007

Robbing "Passwords"

Like every year, Google, Yahoo, AOL and other web sites dedicated to the search have published a list of the words that we looked for more by Internet. I didn't know it before, but I think that it is an interesting way to know which are our interests. According to the specialists there is no surprise in the two first positions: sex (so, pornography) and Britney Spears (that they think that it is more pornography); but in the third... After satisfying our more intimate desires, the citizens are interested to discover the password of the electronic mail of our neighbour. Thus, the third combination of words more searched in the network is to rob, passwords and hotmail, with different variants and synonymous.
So... We must think that that is really what it matters to us? How is possible that to enter the electronic mail of the neighbour it is the third thing that more interests the citizens? How can be that to spy the mail of the others is more important to us that everything that has happened in the 2006?

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