Friday, January 19, 2007

Quiz shows

Now in English class we are being the topic about quiz shows and that’s what I will talk about.
Today in television there are a lot of programmes but there are many types of television programmes that teach as a lot of things and make us more intelligent, this programmes are quiz shows and nowadays the most popular quiz show is Who wants to be millionaire?, in Spain this TV programme presented by Carlos Sobera has got a lot of audience and it has got a lot of contestants, but this programme is old and now there is other Spanish quiz show I think more important than this, it is Uno contra cien and it’s a very fascinating programme.
I think it’s more watched because it’s new and there is in one hand a contestant and in the other hand 100 contestants, the presenter makes questions and they have to answer it, the man alone has three helps and the 100 contestants nothing, they have to answer the questions and if the contestants answer well they continue but If the contestants fail the question they have to leave, the purpose of the quiz show is that the man alone has to answer well all the questions and he has to eliminate all the other 100 contestants, if he does it he will win a lot of money, if the man alone fail the question, money goes to people that answered well the question.
This programme it’s very difficult to explain but is very surprising at it’s a new type of quiz show and that makes that it’s very attractive to see.

I recommend you this programme because you will spend a very good time and you will discover things that until before you didn’t know.


Rosa M said...

I have never seen this new programme, but I would like to watch it because it seems very interesting, so thanks for the information!

Barry said...

Hi Xavi, you are really a good writer. Your topics are always very interesting and so are your points of view. Thanks for caring so much.