Thursday, January 18, 2007

A d@y wιтн a dj™

I meet a man that works during the week how an estate agent's and the weekends how Dj for earn a little more of money and because he likes it. He’s my brother.

A Friday with him is very hard. First, he wakes up at eight o'clock and he goes to work at the agency all day. In the evening, he selects the music that he wants to put in the disco and takes it. We needed to arrive in the place at twelve o'clock but at eleven o'clock we were searching for to eat something.

We arrived at the time. He put the music but no one were in there. At the beginning he put progressive music and then will enter more people and they demanded him to put something more slow. After, he put known songs more than the others. We stayed all the night to do dancing all the people

A Dj needs a lot of knowledge about the music, because his work is to do dancing the people and to put the correct music for not to do going out the people from the disco. At the same time is a very funny work!

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