Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What do you prefer traveling or exchanging?

The annual student’s exchanges with Germany are near and I'm not going. That’s why I thought "what does the people like more: conventional travelling or exchanges".
In my opinion the two options are good but I prefer travelling to a lot of cities and moving constantly so maybe it's better to go to my own, travelling by train and sleeping on youth hostels. On the other hand if you don’t like this kind of experience it's not a bad idea to exchange.

What do you think?

Post and explain your opinion about it.


Barry said...

Hi, Joan thanks for your post. It is a pity you don't have a penpal this year, but as you say, you can always travel on your own. I hope you'll experience that this summer.

Carina said...

I think that to choose with travelling or exchanging is very difficult butlook that sometimes we can travell to an other country with the exchanging. Is the example of the German exchange. So... I prefer the two things!!!

Rosa M said...

I think both options are good for everyone. From my point of view, everyone should try to experience both options, almost one's in the life!

eloi said...

Hey I'm agree with you, I think that it's difficult to choose what is better, exchanges or travelling in your own. For me the two options are good because you can learn a lot of things and meet some new people but if I have to choose one of the two things I think the same as you, travelling in your own let you more freedom to do what you want and that's why I prefer travelling in my own. Good coment my friend see you later!!