Friday, October 13, 2006

The Masaru Emoto's experiment

Do you remember my exposition in Spanish class about Masaru Emoto? Well, just when I finished, a little group asked me about how they can to do the last example that I explained.

It is an experiment very easy. You need two little glass bottles and the same little porcion of rice (only you need to fill a part of the bottle, not all the recipient). When you put the rice in the flasks, you need to find a quiet place (the balcony for example). Then, you take one of them and go out of the room (or the balcony) far from where is the second bottle and you have to said bad things with rage and offences to the first bottle. A few seconds later, you give back near the second bottle. Now, you take the other recipient and repeat the first action, but now, you have to say sweet words and beautiful expressions to the bottle. Finally, you give back the second bottle with the first.

Every day, you have to repeat the same action, you need only five minutes for day. If you do correctly the procedure, in three weeks, more or less, you will have the bottles with the rice how the image that I annexed with the explication.

(I don't know if it can be possible because I want to do this experiment and I only saw the conclusions with images. If someone does the experiment, please, write me a comments and explain me your conclusions and how you have the bottles)

Thanks for all and I will be waiting answers with your experiences!!



Carina said...

Hi Dani! I was really surprised when I listened that this experiment is possible. If I can I will do it, but now I can't because I have a lot of homework. Please, tell me new things about the progress of this bottles. I think that it is interesting to know because, also, our life is full about this good and bad vibrations or waves. Bye and see you soon!

joan llimiñana said...

Good experiment Dani!
Is it working or not yet? If it works publish it with some pictures of your own results.
See you later!

Barry said...

it is a strange idea, because I don't understand how the rice listen what you said about it. i would like to intent to do this experiment because it is very easy and for me very interesting.

Barry said...

the last comentary was writen by jaume, but I don't know why it puted barry