Saturday, October 28, 2006

halloween is near!!!

In the anglosaxon countries are very popular this celebration, but now it is extend around the world, to thanks the television, internet and other new technologies.
For me the most popular about halloween are the pumpkins, because in the night it is very spectacular.
This night is very common that the people dress up as witch, ghost, vampire and other personages about horror.
Boys and girls go to a lot of houses to ask for sweets, cookies and others candies, and the people give them this candies because if they don't give it , the boys and girls scare this people.
In my opinion, I think that it is a very curious custom


Barry said...

Hi Jaume, thanks for your post. I wish you a happy Halloween.

dani said...

Hi James!!!

I think that is an interesting post. Well, I couldn't be last Hallowen but I think that was a good party, here, in La Pobla. ¿What do you think? ¿What were you doing that night? jeje

See you soon