Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The other day I was sailing by Internet when I saw this web. It’s about the
anorexia. This web gives you every type of information about this illness, from
the causes and consequences until the treatment that has the family.I have found
that it could be interesting because there are many people that haven’t got
information about this subject and many girls of nowadays have to learn about
anorexia.I found it a lot exaggerated that the patients among 90-95 % they are
women and the age among the twelve and twenty-five years.I believe that this web
would be well for us to learn things that we didn’t know about this
subject.Moreover there is a test about you and your feeding. I believe that this
subject is realistic because of that I have chosen it to put in our blog.
The web is http://www.acab.org/cat/anorexia/anor.htm.

Have fun class!!



Barry said...

Hi Silvia, thanks for your post. The topic is really interesting and the address you add is worth having a look at it.

Rosa M said...

I think this topic it's very interesting, especially to teenagers as us. The address you add it's very useful to understand and learn about this illness. I didn't know it, so thanks!
We will see!