Wednesday, November 22, 2006

An eye for detail 2

If you notice that this topic remembers to you something it’s true, is the topic of the text in page 34 and 35 in our English book but this is the second part.
I think that the text was very interesting and it’s really good to look for mistakes on the films so I decided to create the second part of that text searching other mistakes of other films.

A really good mistake is in the film Scary Movie 3, when they are in the house, the killer cut down the electricity but suddenly the people in the house receive a fax, how can it be possible?
In a Spanish film called Torrente 2 some people are driving they’re cars in the centre of the city at night, but suddenly when they crash to a barbecue it is after dark.
A film that seems to have a lot of mistakes is gladiator that appears in the school book, I looked for more mistakes and I discovered that a man is wearing mountain boots; it seems that Romans were very advanced, other error in that film it appears a carriage moved by a carboy gas.

In the famous film Matrix there is a very big mistake that is that when a man is shooting to Neo he avoid all the shoots but behind him there are some glasses and they don’t break, maybe the glasses avoid the shoots like Neo.

In conclusion the text of the English book say that it’s not a problem because only few people notice these errors but now it is very different because the internet is full of this mistakes and it’s very talked in the net, if you like this text you can go to see more and more mistakes on the internet because it’s really interesting and you’ll see more websites than you can imagine, for this reason I think that nowadays it’s very important not to make mistakes because in only one day or less the internet will be full of that, so make the things slowly and don’t make mistakes.

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Barry said...

Eh, Xavier, you really have an eye for detail. I haven't noticed any of those you talk about. I agree with you when you say that we should made things slowy and carefully. I grow up with the lema: 'la feina ben feta no té fronteres'.