Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Live in la Pobla

Living in a small town has got a lot of advantages but, like all the thinks it has hot disadvantages to, I’m going to write a for an against essay and you will discover my opinion about this topic because I think it’s very interesting to us.

On the one hand here in Pobla we have a small school and that mean that classes are smaller and teachers know more the opinions of students than in the big cities, I have read in our bloog an opinion of a German student and I think it’s very important to read, he says that hear in our village, people are very friendly and everybody knows all the people in the village.
Pobla although it’s a small town we have got a cinema and it’s a very important think, however here the cinema is always empty and there are few weeks only the weekends.

On the other hand our town hasn’t got a theatre, there isn’t shopping centres and here clothes and all things are more expensive than in the city, for this reason we go to Lleida or Barcelona to buy clothes or other important things, but I think that going far now is not a problem because roads are everyday more straight and comfortable and if you take the train or the bus it’s a moment to arrive to Lleida, the problem is if you want to study in the city because today flats are very expensive and you have to save a lot of money only to rent a flat with some friends, and then you have to pay university, food…

In conclusion I think that it’s very difficult to say where is better to live, here or in the city, but this is my point of view, it can be a quiet and lovely place or it can be a bored and old-fashioned town.

If you read the text you can take advantages for the bloog and post your opinion and all the class will be able to comment this topic and we will see our opinions of this topic because I think it will be very different opinions.

City or town?


Barry said...

Hi Xavi, your post is great! I've liked it very much, and so your idea of commenting it all together. Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Carina said...

Hi! I prefer the towns because I have always lived in them. Therefore, the towns are better than the cities since you are surrounded by the nature and you breathe clean air. On the other hand, I have to go to the city for the studies although there are much noise, many cars and much smoke. In conclusion, I don't like the cities but they are necessary.