Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Young people looking for a job...

Have you ever wondered why we, students and teenagers, don’t find a good job? Maybe it’s because managers are afraid of giving too much responsibilities to us or even though, they believe we are still younger for working in that particular job. Unfortunately, this last answer is the typical that we are used to listen at the end of a work's interview.
Giving responsibilities is not giving the management to somebody. Everybody,who really wants to work, has had to work hard so as to go on in his job. Then, why can not we be worthy of this job, if we work away? We agree old people have more experience than younger, but maybe we can also contribute and suggest new and creative ideas that managers had never thought about.Another point of view is the salary. Sometimes people think teenagers don’t find a job because we are ambitious and very meticulous when we are looking for a job. However, they don’t know we have been working for a long time with a “contract of practices” without receiving anything and at the present we would like to find a good one in better conditions.In short, I think we are in an ignorant and capitalist world where young people have to struggle and try to survive in the best possible way.

What do you think about this?
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Carina said...

Hello! I'm a little worried about the future that it hopes to us. Every day it is more difficult to find a good job or a job that corresponds to your studies. And when you find it, you aren't so young. I think that it can be for the reasons that you say. Maybe, it can be also because there are a lot of people who want to work and few jobs. So, the heads choose old workers because they have more experience and they can't wait more. Bye!