Wednesday, November 08, 2006

For or against a gap year.

"Would you like to have a free year, before university, to travel, work and meet new people and whatever you want?" In some countries as UK this is a tradition. When people finish the studies, and before going to university, they have a gap year. It's not the case of our country where people don't stop between these two periods.

A gap year has a lot of important and interesting things. First of all people think it's only a year of relax without preoccupations and problems. But it's not the meaning of a gap year. If people don't study during this period it's not only to relax. The teenagers who travel a year before going to the university want to have new experiences, with new people and in new places. They can learn other languages to.

It has a lot of positive consequences to travel a whole year but there are disadvantages to. For example, in a gap year, you spend a lot of money in hostels, travelling and in all you need during this time. So you have to have earned a lot of money if you don’t want to become a penniless in a foreign country. In addition a year “off” it’s bad for your studies since you forget a lot of important concepts during a year without studying.

At the end, and comparing the two possibilities, I would prefer not to have a gap year before university. I think you are most prepared if you don’t have any pause between the studies.

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Barry said...

Hi Joan, so in the end you are not so adventurous ? What a disappointment, but I agree with you.