Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A life without music

Can you imagine live without the music? In my opinion it's impossible because we're listening to the music all the time, in the shoping centers, on the TV, in the car, etc. In adition, sometimes we don't pay attention that we're listening to music, that's why the music is a normal thing in our lives.

Today, there are a lot of different types of music: rock, pop, classical music, techno, punk, dance, etc. For this reason, every person can choose the type of music that he or she wants, the best group of the moment or the group that he/she likes... but in general, I think that we are searching all the time for that song in which we feel identify or taht other song that we like listen to in a certain moment or in a certein state of spirit.In conclusion, I think that the music it's an important thing in the human lives and I belive that in certain mode it's a way of escape of the reality.If you want listen to some music you can look for it in www.los40.com

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