Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New eхperιмenт!!!™

Today, I have an experiment that we can do it all together because it is very impressive. It's easy.

We need only two ingredients: a bottle of two liters of Cocacola and a box of Mentos (candies). It's better that we do this out of the school or house.

Well, when we have all of this, we put the bottle in a secure site and we open it. After that, we take the box of Mentos and we put all the candies into de bottle at the same time (we need a piece of paper into a tube just big enough to hold the Mentos in order to help us).

Just when we do that....

Ok, I know the final result, but I want that all of you prove it. If you do the experiment, please, explain me your experience.

If Chapela wants, we can do it in class in 5 min, but, if anyone doesn't want to do it, I give you the explanation and the experiment in video the next week.

See you soon friends!!



joan llimiñana said...

Hi Dani
I have seen this experiment on TV, and it was very exciting. I wait for the video.

Carina said...

I know the result and it is very amazing but if people want to do it, they musn't do it at home. I advice!