Sunday, November 26, 2006

Brothers in arms

Brothers in arms is a computer game which explain the history of the sargent Matt Baker. In the game we can find some scenes, situations or include battles where the sargent Matt Baker lived in the second world war.
The objective of the game is to liderate a group of soldiers and try to complete some diferent misions. In adition you have to help your soldiers in the battle and try to stay them alive. Before every mision, you can speak to your soldiers and ask them for his preocupations, his feelings after the battle...
Since the March of 2005 when the game appeared in the shops, Brothers in arms is considerated the best game of the World War II, with his reslistic efects and graphics or his mode of combat but in conclusion, the top note of his succes is his human details like the conversation with your soldiers.
In my opinion the game is very interesting and if you like this type of games you have to play it as soon as you can buy it.
If you want more information about the game click here

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