Sunday, November 12, 2006

"ThE fAsHiOn"

Nowadays, the physical appearance has acquired more importance. Exclusively with the clothes that follow the tendencies of the fashion.
There are a lot of people who don't give importance at the money that they have to spend. The most important of them is always to go to the last with the most expensive marks of the fashion market.
For many, the fashion is considered an art. For others, simply it is a form to waste the money of the rich people and others that don't have as much money. They think that this money can be useful for humanitarian aids. An for the majority, it is a way to call the attention or to be something important.
But the fashion really is so essential for the society as they (designers, people of the fashion...) say? The price of the clothes corresponds at the cost of the mark or the prices are inflated too much? What do you think what the fashion is?
(I ask me if somebody wears the clothes of the photos to go to the street...)

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Barry said...

Hi Carina, a nice post you have written. Thanks. I think people should think more about the money they spend and how they spend it.Young people shouldn't care so much about fashion.