Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Our energetic future

Nowadays society wouldn’t work if there weren’t energies. First people think about electricity but the most important one is the oil, or fuel. In fact more than the eighty percent of the energy we use comes from it. More or less we spend twelve litters of oil each day. This is only what a person spends of fuel energy, there is another part of removable energies as solar or hydraulic.

Moreover oil is used to do a lot of things. Look around, your CDs and DVDs are made from oil, your PC if mostly build of plastic. In general, more than the seventy percent of the objects in your house comes from fuel, what is more only the ten percent of the things you use normally are not made of any type of oil.

But, when will the oil disappear? Experts say that it will never disappear completely, because it will arrive a day when it will be too difficult to extract it and then we will use other combustibles.

So it’s very important the research in this way. A lot of scientists are working to find the best alternative to this kind of live. When will we use an hydrogen or electric car?

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