Friday, November 10, 2006


El C.F. Pobla is not having its best moment. Last year, it obtains the third position in the first territorial division; however, this year it has begun the league very bad: only two matches have been won, one has been tied and five have been lost. This is the sad situation of a team that dreams of being at the top of the classification when the league finishes.
This dreadful beginning is basically due to lesions. It could be mentioned not only the clavicle damage of Albert Turch during the 4th football match, but also the muscular ache knee of Jordi Peroy, and even, the Eduard Bastus’ sprain two matches ago.
Anyway, C.F. Pobla should react to its present circumstances so as to be able to give away to its football fans what they really deserve.


Barry said...

Hi Tuso, I see that you finally have been able to up load your post. Thaks for it and do not abandom hope. Pobla FC will improve and win the position it is used to.

Carina said...

I think that Pobla FC is having a bad luck but as you and I know there isn't a problem because Pobla FC is the best team and it has excellent footballplayers.
I only say: Go! The league is yours!