Thursday, November 09, 2006

Our Audiovisual Project!

This year, in our class, we are doing one very interesting audiovisual project about the history of years 30-60 in Spain. We work with groups about four people. In the beginning of the school year we choosed the topic and we will finish the project, more or less, in January.
There are six different shorts of 10 minutes, and in the end, we will put together in a film that will last about one hour. This film will be send in two competitions, one in Barcelona and the other in Salamanca. Some radio and TV programs and the news are interested in our work and next Monday TV3 will do one documentary about our project. This project is pioneer in Catalonia and unique in Spain.
Good luck!

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Barry said...

Hi Joan, so in the end you have written about the projet. Good! I hope people will say something about it.